Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Practicing Patience

Maybe God is teaching us patience said my wise husband this morning. We have had a financially stressful time as of late but I know God is teaching us patience and faithfulness through it all. It's funny that Buzzbee said that this morning because I had thought the same thing last night and this morning as I returned back to work.
Working with children, young children, requires PATIENCE. If you are not a patient person  or  you are not willing to become patient, than do not, I repeat, DO NOT work with children.
Today I prayed for patience as one boy took off his pants and another boy followed suit by taking off his shirt. I mean, it was kinda funny but I had my hands full with feeding two younger babies, a bottle in one hand and spooning baby food in the other. Parents were coming any moment to pick up their children and I wanted to make sure they all were fed AND clothed. I managed to finish feeding the babies and found the clothes the boys had strewn over the cribs and dressed them. It didn't matter though because one boy took off his shirt two seconds later and I had put it on him about 6  more times after that. I changed a diaper and one boy decided he was going to knock over the garbage can. I just cleaned. Ugh. A parent comes to take one of the boys as I am running over to get them off each other. They were about to wrestle. As the parent was looking over the daily sheet her boy and the other boy seize the opportunity to escape and bolt out the door. I still have a baby girl so the mother runs after them and I grab the girl and go and get the other boy. who keeps shedding his shirt.
This all happens in the last 45 minutes of my day. It's okay though because God is teaching me patience. I can't wait until I've mastered it.

How I feel after work today.

waiting for Buzzbee at Mcdonald's

Yes I am taking these pictures in Mcdonald's 
and don't really care if people are thinking strangely of me

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out.

I do really have a headache though. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's time for a post.

I blame poor internet connection for my lack of posts recently. I do take SOME responsibility since the opportunity has come about to make a few posts and I neglected to take the opportunity to inform anyone or just myself (when I reread posts later, like a diary) the happenings of life.

I hope I mentioned in an earlier post about the amazing answer to prayer in the form of a job at a Preschool/Daycare! YAH!

Oh man, more on that later. Buzzbee is here to pick me up!!!