Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Thursday Holiday with Hubby.

Today Buzzbee and I had the day off so we planned a fun day without any plans! We slept in. Woke up and had breakfast which consisted of hashbrowns, and that's about it. Buzzbee was going to make eggs to go with but ended up using all the hashbrowns so we would have been to full with eggs as well, which was fine with me. We then went downtown since we hardly ever venture that way. We visited the toy house and laughed at our reflections in the fun house mirrors, played some games that were set out on display, picked out toys that we thought were pretty cool and sat in those comfy nursery chairs. We then walked around downtown a bit and peeked in a couple stores. The michigan theatre was playing We Bought a Zoo, and since it was only 1$ a ticket, we decided why not. We needed a cool relief from the crazy heat anyways. After the movie we kept on walking and wanted to go to Buz n bee cafe, (i think that is what it was called) but it was closed. The crazy cowboy was next to it so we decided to go there. We shared fajita nachos, which were very tasty! We went home and went for a refreshing swim in the pool. Buzzbee had soccer and by this time I had a headache I think from the heat. I stayed home and rested my eyes in hopes that the headache would go away. After the game we went and met Buzz Bee's parents at Culver's for a bite to eat. Angie was there and we got to hang out for a little while. Now we are back home relaxing. I had a fun day today and thought i would blog about it so I will remember it better. I find writing things down helps me solidify them into memories.
I am so blessed. I love my cute, loving hubby more and more every day.
sweet dreams!