Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing my life: Getting Priorities Straight

I got to sleep in this morning since I work at 1pm today. I went to bed about 11:30 although I fell asleep on the couch about an hour earlier because I had a headache.
I woke up this morning still with this headache.
I went to the kitchen to look for something for breakfast. I opened the freezer and thought about eating an ice cream sandwich. WHAT?! It hit me, I was like "what am I doing? haha, eating ice cream for breakfast?"
I did my devotions and took some aspirin with my tea to help with my headache.
I realized then that I really need to get healthy... I REALLY do. How many times have I said it? a MILLION. Instead of sleeping in this morning, I should have gotten up and do some sort of exercise or even cleaning. I did end up making oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.. which after eating I noticed my headache was gone and I felt very awake!

So, all that to say. Day 1: Healthy Lifestyle Change.

  • Eat breakfast every morning- oatmeal with some sort of fruit. I rarely get enough fruit. In fact I NEVER get enough fruit. Jake eats fruit and so it shouldn't be too hard since there is fruit in the fridge. 
  • Light exercise each morning. Swimming or walk. 

There you have it. Only two, but two I am going to stick to until I have made it a habit or at least stick to it for a few days and feel like I can add some more challenges to the mix.

Well I am going to get ready for work and go for a quick walk.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week of Organization: Day 1

Now that I have folded the laundry, yes I got it before it wrinkled.. whoo hoo! (Not that I mind ironing but the problem is we don't own an iron or ironing board as of yet), and now that my tummy is full of french toast and sausages I can plan how I want to organize this week! (plan and organize in the same sentence, I'm starting to scare myself)

Here is what I have done so far to start in my week long organization extravaganza:

  • I just finished sorting my coupons into envelopes. It was quite the job since I have been saving coupons for about a month but I am sure that it will be worth it when I score the big deals coming up!
  • Started making a master list of meals that Jake and I like to eat and make so meal planning will be a little easier
  • Aaaaand... that's about all. 
Tomorrow, as I have just been informed by my husband, one of our couple friends are coming over tomorrow after work. I still have to dedicate a little time to organize SOMETHING.

Here is a tentative schedule to my week of organization.

Monday: Coffee Table. We have a very large coffee table that collects stuff daily. Tomorrow I will sort the stuff and place in piles and find a home for everything that currently resides on our under the table. 

Tuesday: Clothes and Closet. As I am typing this I just got a call about babysitting my nephew on Tuesday, but I should still have some time to sort out some clothes. If I don't get time to do clothes and closet or am too tired. I shall do a meal plan for the next couple weeks and grocery list.

Wednesday: Bathroom. I need to find containers to put toiletries and blowdryer/straightener etc in. I also need to do a thorough cleaning and perhaps find a better plug to plug that bathtub since I love having bubble baths so much.

Thursday: Bedroom. Rearrange the bedroom. Set up the stereo, change the bedding, add some window treatments, put some dividers in the drawers. 

Friday: Extra stuff, probably the bedroom, that didn't get done. Oh I know, my craft area or lack there of. So far, my craft everywhere.

I still have to think of something to do on Saturday, but if it's all done by then I will be happy. 

I will keep you posted and keep me accountable to this please. 
i shall take pictures of the after and perhaps before. and any tips I come across to help with this organization process. 

That's all for now. I am tired just thinking about what is to come this week. This organizing is going to take place AFTER work, which I am usually always tired from. 

A Week of Organization...Look Out!

My mind has been swimming with ideas of how to make our home work more effectively and efficiently so Jake and I have more time to do the things we actually want to do. I had difficulty sleeping last night due to all these organizational and decorating ideas so today is the day I start to actually do them and hopefully I have a more restful slumber.

Today..I must admit.. I was more interested in decorating.. so. oh no! I just remembered.. I meant to fold my laundry before it gets all wrinkled!!! I hope its not too late. oh boy. I will be back after I fold laundry and make a tea.

Any tips for organizing our home would be appreciated. ANY tips THANKS!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Business Endeavor.

All things BABIES.

My first project completed is this adorable, durable, soft and practical froggy baby bib!

Made from flannelette and backed with soft blue fleece. Great for a boy or girl! Preshrunk so machine washable. Fastens with your choice of velcro or snaps. O/S unless otherwise specified.

$4.00 plus S&H.

Email me at if interested.