Thursday, September 8, 2011

I start this post off with a big YAWWN, as I did yesterday. Where is all my energy? It's gone.. Early mornings are taking their toll on me and stressss of work.

Today I had half a seafood sub, an orange, water for lunch. I failed at breakfast AGAIN, eating a chewy dip bar thing. I had chili for supper at Angie's house and that was really yum! I also had a dreamsicle.

I already had my bath, drank my tea and read more of my book so now I am about to go to bed. I need to get rested for the weekend :)
Jake and I are going to work together to get our place in order tomorrow and work to keep it that way. We are both NOT organized and good at cleaning in our home. I think it's because we have to do it so much at work.. but that's not an excuse. We are not naturally inclined to want to clean.. but then again.. is anyone really? I think there may be a few who do enjoy or at least don't mind housekeeping, I really do wish I liked it.

I'm going to bed in a couple minutes so i will say Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

YAWN.. I am still tired.
I went to bed around 7pm last night and STILL was sleepy today. Oh well.. soon it will be the weekend.
So far today I have done alright. Still did not get up in time for breakfast..gotta work on that.. but 5:45 is early enough!! I used to eat in the car on my way to work when it took like 20 minutes, but now I don't have time. I suppose I should just get up that extra 20 minutes early.. I will try tomorrow.

I am going to walk home from work tomorrow.

On a sidenote, Jake brought me home flowers and subway today after soccer practice! SO SWEET! it's funny though, I KNEW he bought me flowers. He brought in some of the subway and was like, oh i gotta go the rest in the car.. and I was like "the rest?" ok.. and he came back with the drinks and flowers which I kinda guessed was what he was doing! I know him too well.

Well, I have a headache and I think I am going to have a bath and maybe read for a little while, drink some tea of course.
Good night!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day One

Day One:

Today I did not eat my healthy breakfast like I had planned. Instead I slept in the extra 20 mins because I simply could not fall asleep last night! It was obnoxious! I think I got an hour of sleep between 4&5 this morning and I got up at 5:45am for work. I feel...sleeeepy right now but still, I will post. I'm trying to stay awake as long as possible anyways.
As I was saying, the healthy breakfast was a no go. I grabbed a chocolate covered chewy dip and called it good. I had my break at 9am and ate yogurt, an orange and water. :) I am proud when I eat fruit because I am not good at it.
I walked home from work as exhausted as I was. It took about an hour at moderate-fast pace so I burned about 200 cals. that is my workout for today. I am just too dizzy and sleepy to do anything more.
I finished up the homemade lasagna I made a couple nights ago and snuck in a few cookies with my tea. I also somehow finished up the chips that were sitting out.. oh dear.
When all is said and done, I am below my calorie intake for the day and I will just have another tea probably before I go to bed. Which is going to be sooon.
Good night!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goals into Habits -Blog and Fitness

Let's face it. Blogging regularly isn't something I am good at, but it is something that I enjoy doing. Therefore for the month of September I am going to do two things. Commit to blogging something each day as well as being health minded for this month. I need to have a short goal but also am hoping that by achieving this goal I will be motivated to make more goals in other areas of my life and make them become habits. I just need the confidence that I can do it, with the help first and foremost from God as well as encouragement from friends and family.
I go back and forth, back and forth with being happy with the way I look/feel. Somedays I want to be thin, and other days I am completely happy with myself. I have come to realize that I am content but I also want to do my best and part of that comes from taking better care of myself. I need to exercise and eat healthy.

For the month of September I will post daily of my goal to a fitter me. If I miss a day of blogging, I would appreciate someone reprimanding me. I may also post a couple crafts as I have done a few this weekend that I want to share.

Okay, getting ready for bed now. See ya tomorrow!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Organizing my life: Getting Priorities Straight

I got to sleep in this morning since I work at 1pm today. I went to bed about 11:30 although I fell asleep on the couch about an hour earlier because I had a headache.
I woke up this morning still with this headache.
I went to the kitchen to look for something for breakfast. I opened the freezer and thought about eating an ice cream sandwich. WHAT?! It hit me, I was like "what am I doing? haha, eating ice cream for breakfast?"
I did my devotions and took some aspirin with my tea to help with my headache.
I realized then that I really need to get healthy... I REALLY do. How many times have I said it? a MILLION. Instead of sleeping in this morning, I should have gotten up and do some sort of exercise or even cleaning. I did end up making oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast.. which after eating I noticed my headache was gone and I felt very awake!

So, all that to say. Day 1: Healthy Lifestyle Change.

  • Eat breakfast every morning- oatmeal with some sort of fruit. I rarely get enough fruit. In fact I NEVER get enough fruit. Jake eats fruit and so it shouldn't be too hard since there is fruit in the fridge. 
  • Light exercise each morning. Swimming or walk. 

There you have it. Only two, but two I am going to stick to until I have made it a habit or at least stick to it for a few days and feel like I can add some more challenges to the mix.

Well I am going to get ready for work and go for a quick walk.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week of Organization: Day 1

Now that I have folded the laundry, yes I got it before it wrinkled.. whoo hoo! (Not that I mind ironing but the problem is we don't own an iron or ironing board as of yet), and now that my tummy is full of french toast and sausages I can plan how I want to organize this week! (plan and organize in the same sentence, I'm starting to scare myself)

Here is what I have done so far to start in my week long organization extravaganza:

  • I just finished sorting my coupons into envelopes. It was quite the job since I have been saving coupons for about a month but I am sure that it will be worth it when I score the big deals coming up!
  • Started making a master list of meals that Jake and I like to eat and make so meal planning will be a little easier
  • Aaaaand... that's about all. 
Tomorrow, as I have just been informed by my husband, one of our couple friends are coming over tomorrow after work. I still have to dedicate a little time to organize SOMETHING.

Here is a tentative schedule to my week of organization.

Monday: Coffee Table. We have a very large coffee table that collects stuff daily. Tomorrow I will sort the stuff and place in piles and find a home for everything that currently resides on our under the table. 

Tuesday: Clothes and Closet. As I am typing this I just got a call about babysitting my nephew on Tuesday, but I should still have some time to sort out some clothes. If I don't get time to do clothes and closet or am too tired. I shall do a meal plan for the next couple weeks and grocery list.

Wednesday: Bathroom. I need to find containers to put toiletries and blowdryer/straightener etc in. I also need to do a thorough cleaning and perhaps find a better plug to plug that bathtub since I love having bubble baths so much.

Thursday: Bedroom. Rearrange the bedroom. Set up the stereo, change the bedding, add some window treatments, put some dividers in the drawers. 

Friday: Extra stuff, probably the bedroom, that didn't get done. Oh I know, my craft area or lack there of. So far, my craft everywhere.

I still have to think of something to do on Saturday, but if it's all done by then I will be happy. 

I will keep you posted and keep me accountable to this please. 
i shall take pictures of the after and perhaps before. and any tips I come across to help with this organization process. 

That's all for now. I am tired just thinking about what is to come this week. This organizing is going to take place AFTER work, which I am usually always tired from. 

A Week of Organization...Look Out!

My mind has been swimming with ideas of how to make our home work more effectively and efficiently so Jake and I have more time to do the things we actually want to do. I had difficulty sleeping last night due to all these organizational and decorating ideas so today is the day I start to actually do them and hopefully I have a more restful slumber.

Today..I must admit.. I was more interested in decorating.. so. oh no! I just remembered.. I meant to fold my laundry before it gets all wrinkled!!! I hope its not too late. oh boy. I will be back after I fold laundry and make a tea.

Any tips for organizing our home would be appreciated. ANY tips THANKS!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Business Endeavor.

All things BABIES.

My first project completed is this adorable, durable, soft and practical froggy baby bib!

Made from flannelette and backed with soft blue fleece. Great for a boy or girl! Preshrunk so machine washable. Fastens with your choice of velcro or snaps. O/S unless otherwise specified.

$4.00 plus S&H.

Email me at if interested.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Practicing Patience

Maybe God is teaching us patience said my wise husband this morning. We have had a financially stressful time as of late but I know God is teaching us patience and faithfulness through it all. It's funny that Buzzbee said that this morning because I had thought the same thing last night and this morning as I returned back to work.
Working with children, young children, requires PATIENCE. If you are not a patient person  or  you are not willing to become patient, than do not, I repeat, DO NOT work with children.
Today I prayed for patience as one boy took off his pants and another boy followed suit by taking off his shirt. I mean, it was kinda funny but I had my hands full with feeding two younger babies, a bottle in one hand and spooning baby food in the other. Parents were coming any moment to pick up their children and I wanted to make sure they all were fed AND clothed. I managed to finish feeding the babies and found the clothes the boys had strewn over the cribs and dressed them. It didn't matter though because one boy took off his shirt two seconds later and I had put it on him about 6  more times after that. I changed a diaper and one boy decided he was going to knock over the garbage can. I just cleaned. Ugh. A parent comes to take one of the boys as I am running over to get them off each other. They were about to wrestle. As the parent was looking over the daily sheet her boy and the other boy seize the opportunity to escape and bolt out the door. I still have a baby girl so the mother runs after them and I grab the girl and go and get the other boy. who keeps shedding his shirt.
This all happens in the last 45 minutes of my day. It's okay though because God is teaching me patience. I can't wait until I've mastered it.

How I feel after work today.

waiting for Buzzbee at Mcdonald's

Yes I am taking these pictures in Mcdonald's 
and don't really care if people are thinking strangely of me

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out.

I do really have a headache though. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's time for a post.

I blame poor internet connection for my lack of posts recently. I do take SOME responsibility since the opportunity has come about to make a few posts and I neglected to take the opportunity to inform anyone or just myself (when I reread posts later, like a diary) the happenings of life.

I hope I mentioned in an earlier post about the amazing answer to prayer in the form of a job at a Preschool/Daycare! YAH!

Oh man, more on that later. Buzzbee is here to pick me up!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Wedding Day! {Day 7 Spring Forward}

Buzzbee and I were really married August 15th 2010 in his family's backyard. We had to get married in Michigan since I was going to be living there. (kinda confusing, I know but hey,I got TWO weddings)
It was a very hot afternoon and we were married outside. Pastor Rob married us and it was perfect. We had cake with his family and only my mom was able to make it. I left for Canada that day and prepared for our Wedding in Canada (the wedding wedding) on August 21 2010.
We were married at my home church and it was very much a DIY wedding! My mom altered my wedding dress herself and I made my own headpiece.
I walked down the isle to "Anne's theme" from Anne of Green Gables! (my fav.)
Buzzbee and the groomsmen wore vests which Ithought were cute and great for the weather (supposed to be hot but ended up being a very rainy day)
The reception was by Lake Erie at a near by marina. We decorated the pavilion with fabrics and lights and had tea pots with flowers and teacups with candles in them on the tables.
My Mom and Alph (her husband) were to prepare ALL the food but a few days before the wedding Alph went into the hospital with some sort of obstruction. (VERY painful) He ended up staying there for days and missed the wedding entirely. My mom and Alph's sister made ALL the food for our 100ish guests and it was awesome!
Alph was supposed to also set up our speakers and music but since he was unable to do so we had to improvise. We did have some technical difficulties during the dance,but all in all it was a fun night.
I married my best friend twice in one week and it was amazing!

Here are some pics.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Best Friend When I was 16 {Day 6 Spring Forward}

As I think back to my 16 year old self I remember having a few best friends! I am sure I will blog about each of my special friend's at some point definitely. I am soo blessed to have an incredible group of lifetime friends.
The one that sticks out in my mind is Mandy around the age of 16. We became fast friends around that age (grade 9) and became accountability partners. As I look back at our days of studying the bible and praying for each other I realize now how that played a crucial part in how our friendship is today because of the bonding time we had back then. I know God placed Mandy in my life during a difficult time in my life and she proved to be a huge blessing to me and still continues to be to this day.
Here are a few memories I have of our wonderful friendship.
  • Precious times of Bible study for youth group, particularly Dorcus stands out in my mind :)
  • Watching Brigadoon in my trailer parked in the driveway at night and my Grandma coming over and scaring us! (Actually, I cannot believed she did that! haha. My Grandma came over and dragged herfingernails across the screen to purposely scare us! haha, I almost forgot about that.)
  • Mandy wearing overalls, many layers, sparkly gel and clips in the shape of ducks, modrobes and braces yet was adored by all.
  • WAAMS. I can't even remember the details of this "game" we was very strange and we got our best friends in on it at one girl's bonding night at church.All I can remember is it wasFUN and there was ransom notes and yellow raincoats involved.
  • Having tea at my Grandma's house and dressing up in sparkly fabric my Grandma had lying around and standing in the window while her brother and other boys picked us up for some youth event in Mandy's family's van..(oh dear, forget what they used to call it something like the beast, but that's Bethany's name)
  • Laughing and Giggling uncontrollobly about nothing at a girl's youth group sleepover. A few girl's were very annoyed by us and ended up leaving in the early hours of the morning. Sorry.
  • Singing Sound of Music songs
  • Playing "skid" in highschool during lunch
  • Always eating lunch together
  • Working together at Fabricland and having an ongoing "remnants race" (see who could make the most remnants in one shift)
  • Creating our band called Remnants 2.0 or something like that and buying matching sweaters for our band!
  • English class in Gr. 9 where our friendship began. I can only remember something about socks. haha :)
  • History class presentations. We were partners and had the best presentations (in my opinion).
    • made puppets and recorded a play on cassette about the bourgesoie, clergy and...proletariat or something like that (I don't really remember if those are correct) We were studying the french revolution I believe. We set up a puppet stage and had our sock puppets that represented each class and pressed play on the tape player while we used our hands to move the puppets. EASIEST presentation EVER and we got a great marks!
    • Our presentation about the industry of cotton, I have no idea other than we must have been learning about slavery and that is how the cotton came about but we passed around cotton balls to the class.
    • Making a children's book about Napoleon and dedicating it to our teacher's newborn baby girl. (I believe he kept that)
  • Mandy's lobster pants
  • A few math classes together (Mandy is super smart)
  • Spanish class
  • Of course our Amore de Perrito! A film we made about two dogs falling in love. Lucy(my golden retriever) made the cut but Sky( Mandy's golden retriever) and Lucy did not work well together so Mandy subsituted a large stuffed moose that looks like a dog instead of her dog. It was AWESOME!
  • When my Aunt died suddenly in the night Mandy encourage me with a hug and it helped. :)
  • When my Grandpa passed away she mailed me a very sweet card along with Ebony May all the way from Chicago when we were both in College. Ebony May is a big goofy looking stuffed doll that is so adorable and I still have her today. That really meant a lot to me and helped me during that time because I knew she was thinking of me and praying.
  • Rollerblading around Chicago with Matt x2 and Josh. Getting unlimited nachos at Chiles, going to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY!
  • Taking our dogs for walks even though they needed to lie down every 5 mins.

I could think of a lot more stories and memories but to sum it up, Mandy really made doing school work FUN! She has had a major influence on my life and who I am today and is SUPER thoughtful, creative, loving, SO compassionate, a Godly woman and I am blessed to know her and have been influenced by her.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something I could definitely live without{Day 5 Spring Forward}

I know,I skipped a day,but I am already behind so it's okay.

First off, I want to share with everyone that I am now a permanant (with conditions) legal resident of the United States!! WHOOO.. which means I can now work and cross the border which is why I am visiting everyone in Canada this week!! Feels SOOO good to be FREE. no limitations now!

So, something I could definitely live without is television. I know this because we do not have television at my home in Canada. All summer I lived without the tv. I can get all my news from the internet and the newspapers. ( I know, how archaic.) <--don't think that makes sense whatsoever, but maybe.
However I still enjoy movies, more going to see a movie once a month as that is our tradition for date nights (more date afternoons since the movies are half price before 6). OR I rent FREE movies with blockbuster codes I find online! I'll remember to post them on my blog when I find them next time. They are just for the blockbuster express (or whatever its called).
I do like to watch television shows, however perhaps the thing I could live without is commercials! I know they are good for planned potty breaks, but seriously, it is a waste of time! and of course, I can't say that the television itself is the thingIwould want to live without(but Icould if I wanted) because we use the tv for movies and videogames as well. SOOO to sum it up. I could live without commercials!THE END

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something I can't live without, because I've tried {Day 4 Spring Forward}

I could still live but life just isn't the same without my dear hubby around! I know because I have tried and that was last summer when we were apart for a few months. Although we did oovoo and talk on the phone everyday, I still felt like a big part of me was missing.
This week, I WILL have to leave my sweetheart for one week! maybe a lil over a week! It IS by choice because I need to visit everyone at home (Canada) and Buzzbee has to work all week so it won't work for him to come with me. :(
I will have a great time visiting my friends and family but will still miss my best friend! but I know he will be there when I get back and we will still talk on the phone while I am gone.
Sidenote: Buzzbee picked me up from work today and he bought me beautiful no reason roses and took me out for dinner.. it was WONDERFUL! MWAH! you can see why I love this guy. :D so thoughtful.

(check back tomorrow on this post for some pics of Buzzbee! I can't put them up right now because the internet is not working well :p)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something I don't like about myself. {Day 2 Spring Forward}

First off, I want to apologize for not posting yesterday, I know I am a day behind. Hopefully my internet will allow me to post this and another post tonight so I can catch up and also read everyone else's!

I don't like that I am messy. Nah, I think it's more that I don't like that  I don't have a maid.. so let me think of another one.
I don't like how much of the time I am thinking only about what I think or feel. I want to be selfless like Christ and put other's above myself and that is something I am working on right now in my life.
I don't like how forgetful I am. I remember memories, and things like that, but other things.. I can't explain what makes me forget them or what they might be, but there are certain things that I cannot remember to do or where I might have left something. I honestly think I have improved over the last year, but still I wish I was better at that and it would make life a lil easier.
I don't like my eyebrows. I need to get the waxed. They grow VERY crazy like straight out, up and down, sideways.. they are ridiculous so it makes it difficult to manage. Hopefully Karen will go get her eyebrows waxed with me next week.