Saturday, May 16, 2015

Celebrate Good Times...COLESLAW!

How to Make Coleslaw.
I made this today to bring to a SURPRISE Graduation party for a friend!
We had pulled pork sandwiches, so coleslaw is an essential side.


1 head green cabbage, finely shredded
2 large carrots, finely shredded
3/4 mayo
2 tablespoons mayo
1/4 grated onion
2 tablespoons sugar or to taste
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 tablespoon dry mustard
2 teaspoons celery salt
salt and freshly ground pepper


1. If you are not bald, do something to keep your hair from falling out into the food you are preparing. Some suggestions are, bandana, hair-net, shower cap, tuque, pony-tail, bun or hat.

2. Wash Hands. That is a given, so make sure you do.

3. In a large bowl, add all ingredients except the cabbage, carrots and onion

3/4 cup Mayonnaise

2 tablespoons ish Sour Cream

2 tablespoons White Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Sugar

2 teaspoons Celery Seed

Some Salt N Peppa (Preferably Freshly Ground, but work with what you got)

I used a couple squirts of Dijon Mustard instead of Dry Mustard.
Mixy-Moo it all together.
4. Find a sharp chopping knife (sorry for the blurry photos. I will use a different camera next time)


5. Chop up that Lettuce
6. Chop up the onion

7. Finely chop some carrots, or cheat and buy a bag like this!

8. Add them all to the bowl with the dressing in the bottom.

9. Mixy-Moo it all together, making sure it is all evenly coated, I used a rubber spatula to do this.

10. Cover, let chill out in the fridge for a couple hours.

Ta-Da! You Did it!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bees Are Back.

Helloooooo out there!
After a lengthy hiatus, I have returned to the beautiful world of blogging! Why you ask?
Well, after reading some old posts, I began to laugh. So many memories that I had forgotten until I read the old posts. I want to record my memories and this to me is a lot more fun than a boring old journal that I have to actually write in BY HAND. ( I honestly do get writer's cramp easily, I think it's because I refused to hold a pencil "correctly" since Kindergarten, I am paying for it now.)
I am a speedy typer, so that means, BAM, when a thought enters my mind, it comes out through my fingertips with much ease and therefore creates a very random blog. You will get used to my "style" of blogging (if you can call it that). I don't worry about my writing being, in any shape or form, correct. I am somewhat a rule breaker when it comes to blogging, and really no one can stop me...! I overuse exclamation points! but that's because I find a lot of things exciting and needing that extra exclamation. :) I also tend to forget to put some paragraphs in where the belong, I will try to be better at that one.

Now, things have changed a lot since my last post. For instance, we have added a new bee to our For the sake of sticking with my bee theme, BuzzBee (hubby) and I had a little "Bumble of Joy", his name shall be Bumble Bee. He's one and tons of fun.

Real men stand in fields of daffodils.

 The little Bumble Bee is napping right now, which is my now dedicated time to blog. I think I will do two posts a week to start, and go from there. The sleeping one is now awake so I  must be off!
Next post, how to make coleslaw and look cool doing it.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

1. My favourite New Year's EVE to date would have to be an awesome night with my best girl friends minus a few. Thanks to Beast (really should come up with a more suitable nickname someday) who filmed the events of the night, it's an easy New Year's eve to reminisce.
2. Are you doing anything for NYE and if so what?
Hubby and I are heading to the in-laws for a baked potato bar and probably some games.
3.A book we should all read come January?
I haven't read it but I hope to next month, J.K Rowling's The Casual Vacancy.
4. What are your New Year's Resolutions?
Get in shape, read the bible chronologically, teach piano full time, blog and decorate the house/organize.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

I love every cat

Good Morning/Almost Afternoon, Friends!

I was awaken this morning, as most mornings with a little orange cat trying to eat my hair. Keith the cat is still a little kitten in my eyes but as most people have pointed out recently after he turned one last month, he is a "BIG cat". I still don't see it. This is how I still see him....
Keith one year ago

Keith Today.
And because I can't leave his brother out, here is Pierre a year ago...

And Pierre today. I cannot get a picture of this cat with his eyes open for the life of me.
And as most of you owned by cats know, cats definitely have their quirks. I already mentioned Keith chewing on my hair. Does your cat have the munchies for hair? or maybe something else? Pierre has a litter box problem, which we have been and currently are looking for solutions. If you have ANY suggestions or have had a similar problem, let me know please!
Keith is the life of the party and enjoys throngs of people moving about the house. We had a few Christmas parties and Keith loves to be right where the action is. Meanwhile, his brother Pierre is hidden under the blankets and coats on our bed, refusing to let people even catch a glimpse of him.

So let me know, what are your cats weird habits. I could go on and on with some of them. At this moment Pierre is trying to pry open the air vent. He does this mostly at night while we are sleeping but he seems disturbed by perhaps the snow, or who knows what.

Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a Brand New Year!

Hello again! It's been quite a while since the last time I blogged but it's almost the start of a new year and having just bought a new desktop computer, I am looking forward to start blogging again! So if you are still with me, Thank you for following!

I have big aspirations for the year 2013. I think blogging is going to help me with bringing some of these goals to fruition. Here is my list of "resolutions" for this year!

1. Read the Bible in chronological order with BuzzBee
2. Organize and decorate our home
3.Get healthy and fit
4. Learn to cook and do more of it
5. Blog
6. Sew more and do sewing tutorials
7. Have more piano students

Looking at the list, I know that these seven things are very broad and of course I will have to have a plan and more specific goals. So, if you stay tuned I will tell you more of how I am going to organize my life and get the most out of 2013!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Thursday Holiday with Hubby.

Today Buzzbee and I had the day off so we planned a fun day without any plans! We slept in. Woke up and had breakfast which consisted of hashbrowns, and that's about it. Buzzbee was going to make eggs to go with but ended up using all the hashbrowns so we would have been to full with eggs as well, which was fine with me. We then went downtown since we hardly ever venture that way. We visited the toy house and laughed at our reflections in the fun house mirrors, played some games that were set out on display, picked out toys that we thought were pretty cool and sat in those comfy nursery chairs. We then walked around downtown a bit and peeked in a couple stores. The michigan theatre was playing We Bought a Zoo, and since it was only 1$ a ticket, we decided why not. We needed a cool relief from the crazy heat anyways. After the movie we kept on walking and wanted to go to Buz n bee cafe, (i think that is what it was called) but it was closed. The crazy cowboy was next to it so we decided to go there. We shared fajita nachos, which were very tasty! We went home and went for a refreshing swim in the pool. Buzzbee had soccer and by this time I had a headache I think from the heat. I stayed home and rested my eyes in hopes that the headache would go away. After the game we went and met Buzz Bee's parents at Culver's for a bite to eat. Angie was there and we got to hang out for a little while. Now we are back home relaxing. I had a fun day today and thought i would blog about it so I will remember it better. I find writing things down helps me solidify them into memories.
I am so blessed. I love my cute, loving hubby more and more every day.
sweet dreams!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


     As a child and teenager, I always kept some sort of journal or diary. I miss that. I decided today that I must start to keep a journal again as I find it helps keep memories fresh and gives some perspective whether its initially or when reading it years later.
I bought an inexpensive journal the other day, which I hope to decorate tomorrow to write in each day or as often as I can. I am thinking writing while I have a bubble bath sounds appealing, only I wish the book was water proof.
Blogging is a type of journaling and perhaps once I start journaling again it will give me ideas on what to blog about. I am on a mission to find my camera charger tomorrow so I hope to post a picture of my finished journal as well as a couple other projects I am working on.
I leave you with this quote I found that has inspired me to keep on journaling.

" How truly does this journal contain
my real and undisguised thoughts--
I always write it according to the humour
I am in, and if a stranger was to think it 
worth reading, how capricious--insolent
and whimsical I must appear!--one moment 
flighty and half mad,--the
next sad and melancholy. No matter!
Its truth and simplicity are its sole
     -Frances Burney(1752-1840) 

                     British Author