Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's tomorrow already!

Tomorrow is here and I have so much to do today! Including getting in 8 hours of sleep, which is what I am going to do very shortly. One of the big things I have to do tomorrow is LAUNDRY.
I dislike doing laundry mainly because I never seem to have enough quarters. It will be very nice to one day have a laundry room of my own. :) I hope I won't take it for granted when that time comes. I don't think I will. I just love the smell of fresh, clean laundry. It is definitely in my top 5 fav. smells.
My other favourite smells would include, lemon, pool (chlorine), and laundry again because I really do think that might be my favourite. I can't think of other smells that I enjoy. I am sure there are some food smells that I enjoy but at the moment I am feeling rather full and do not wish to think of food. Hubby also always smells very good. So back to laundry, I am attempting to make my own laundry detergent. I have gotten the supplies and if time allows tomorrow I plan to make it! Check back tomorrow for a tutorial and to see how the soap turns out!
Well, I am about to have a tea and settle down for the night. Hubby and I have been reading the Bible through a year, although I must be honest and say that I think it will take longer than that for us. It is one of my favourite times of day though and I encourage everyone to read and reread the Bible each day, even if it's a verse or two. Good night all.

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