Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bees Are Back.

Helloooooo out there!
After a lengthy hiatus, I have returned to the beautiful world of blogging! Why you ask?
Well, after reading some old posts, I began to laugh. So many memories that I had forgotten until I read the old posts. I want to record my memories and this to me is a lot more fun than a boring old journal that I have to actually write in BY HAND. ( I honestly do get writer's cramp easily, I think it's because I refused to hold a pencil "correctly" since Kindergarten, I am paying for it now.)
I am a speedy typer, so that means, BAM, when a thought enters my mind, it comes out through my fingertips with much ease and therefore creates a very random blog. You will get used to my "style" of blogging (if you can call it that). I don't worry about my writing being, in any shape or form, correct. I am somewhat a rule breaker when it comes to blogging, and really no one can stop me...! I overuse exclamation points! but that's because I find a lot of things exciting and needing that extra exclamation. :) I also tend to forget to put some paragraphs in where the belong, I will try to be better at that one.

Now, things have changed a lot since my last post. For instance, we have added a new bee to our For the sake of sticking with my bee theme, BuzzBee (hubby) and I had a little "Bumble of Joy", his name shall be Bumble Bee. He's one and tons of fun.

Real men stand in fields of daffodils.

 The little Bumble Bee is napping right now, which is my now dedicated time to blog. I think I will do two posts a week to start, and go from there. The sleeping one is now awake so I  must be off!
Next post, how to make coleslaw and look cool doing it.

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