Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week of Organization: Day 1

Now that I have folded the laundry, yes I got it before it wrinkled.. whoo hoo! (Not that I mind ironing but the problem is we don't own an iron or ironing board as of yet), and now that my tummy is full of french toast and sausages I can plan how I want to organize this week! (plan and organize in the same sentence, I'm starting to scare myself)

Here is what I have done so far to start in my week long organization extravaganza:

  • I just finished sorting my coupons into envelopes. It was quite the job since I have been saving coupons for about a month but I am sure that it will be worth it when I score the big deals coming up!
  • Started making a master list of meals that Jake and I like to eat and make so meal planning will be a little easier
  • Aaaaand... that's about all. 
Tomorrow, as I have just been informed by my husband, one of our couple friends are coming over tomorrow after work. I still have to dedicate a little time to organize SOMETHING.

Here is a tentative schedule to my week of organization.

Monday: Coffee Table. We have a very large coffee table that collects stuff daily. Tomorrow I will sort the stuff and place in piles and find a home for everything that currently resides on our under the table. 

Tuesday: Clothes and Closet. As I am typing this I just got a call about babysitting my nephew on Tuesday, but I should still have some time to sort out some clothes. If I don't get time to do clothes and closet or am too tired. I shall do a meal plan for the next couple weeks and grocery list.

Wednesday: Bathroom. I need to find containers to put toiletries and blowdryer/straightener etc in. I also need to do a thorough cleaning and perhaps find a better plug to plug that bathtub since I love having bubble baths so much.

Thursday: Bedroom. Rearrange the bedroom. Set up the stereo, change the bedding, add some window treatments, put some dividers in the drawers. 

Friday: Extra stuff, probably the bedroom, that didn't get done. Oh I know, my craft area or lack there of. So far, my craft everywhere.

I still have to think of something to do on Saturday, but if it's all done by then I will be happy. 

I will keep you posted and keep me accountable to this please. 
i shall take pictures of the after and perhaps before. and any tips I come across to help with this organization process. 

That's all for now. I am tired just thinking about what is to come this week. This organizing is going to take place AFTER work, which I am usually always tired from. 


  1. Melissa, our goal this week was to clean the fridge. There was mold growing on top of the squishy stuff around the door.

    There is an ironing board/dry erase board for sale at Joanns. Check out the back to school section. It's really cool! There are also matching mini baskets there to.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I just love reading how others are organizing. Thanks for sharing.

    I would love it if you could stop by my very first blog hop debuting today and share this post!

    Have a wonderful day!