Wednesday, February 15, 2012


     As a child and teenager, I always kept some sort of journal or diary. I miss that. I decided today that I must start to keep a journal again as I find it helps keep memories fresh and gives some perspective whether its initially or when reading it years later.
I bought an inexpensive journal the other day, which I hope to decorate tomorrow to write in each day or as often as I can. I am thinking writing while I have a bubble bath sounds appealing, only I wish the book was water proof.
Blogging is a type of journaling and perhaps once I start journaling again it will give me ideas on what to blog about. I am on a mission to find my camera charger tomorrow so I hope to post a picture of my finished journal as well as a couple other projects I am working on.
I leave you with this quote I found that has inspired me to keep on journaling.

" How truly does this journal contain
my real and undisguised thoughts--
I always write it according to the humour
I am in, and if a stranger was to think it 
worth reading, how capricious--insolent
and whimsical I must appear!--one moment 
flighty and half mad,--the
next sad and melancholy. No matter!
Its truth and simplicity are its sole
     -Frances Burney(1752-1840) 

                     British Author

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  1. I was just gonna tell you that that's what a blog is silly girl!