Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chicago Memories! (check out the giveaway in the middle of my post)

I've been to Chicago twice and both times were to visit my dear friend Mandy. WHO, the way found out she is having a BOY!! yay! Her intuition was right! Congrats!!!!
Here are a few pics from our Chicago adventures. I don't have any from the first time I went since I went with boys and they don't bring along cameras. So here are some from when I went with Brittney on the train to Chicago.

As I said Britt and I took the train from Jackson to Chicago. We got bored and made up lip syncing videos using her camera and computer while eating a bag of jellybeans I had.

 This is the order of Jelly beans best to worst.

This is the Hancock building.

Going up to the 96th floor in the Hancock building. I think our ears were popping.
Notice the scarf... which I bough at H&M in Chicago. I also bought cute green gloves.. which have since disappeared but Buzzbee bought me ones similar two Christmases ago.

Here's Mandy and Britt.

the view from the restaurant

We made dinner. A big bowl of spaghetti, garlic bread.. oh it was delicious!

Me in Mandy's dorm room. Side note: I am wearing these exact jeans today! haha.
I didn't realize I have had them this long.

Brittney sporting her new gloves while she straightens her hair.

Yum.. Starbucks. The time before in Chicago when we went to starbucks was where I first learned to play euchre with Mandy, Matt, Matt and Josh. Since then I have REALLY learned to play euchre. We play every sunday afternoon against Abbey and Seth. They were on a winning streak, but now we have won the last two times.


We watched Matt's (Mandy's fiance at the time, now husband) intramural football game.

Here it is. The three of us went to the cheesecake factory!! YUM! This was the second time I went.
I definitely would go to chicago just for the cheesecake factory.

Hot fudge sunday cheesecake. I believe this was Britt's. I am SO getting this one next time!

My Carmel Apple Streusel. yumm. I believe Mandy had the same. Perfect with coffee or tea.

SO. Over at Jessica's Coupons is a giveaway that I definitely hope to win! Check it out! 25$ giftcard to the Cheesecake factory! 5 winners! So I could win.. and so could you and we could go together.If I win, I am definitely going to chicago soon!

Yay Chicago! We took engagement picture ideas with Mandy haha

One final cheesecake pic. It loos like Mandy did get something different.. maybe peanut butter something! looks good whatever it is.

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  1. I do think this may be the most favouritess post I have ever read!! Thanks! I laughed, I remembered, it was wonderful! I am missing 1 of those gloves which I am royally sad about... I do think we should plan a girls trip to Chicago... do you think it's possible. We could get a hotel room, take the train.... Canadian girls could meet here, we'll take the train, pick you up in Jackson! It could be awesome! I would love a girls weekend!