Thursday, December 9, 2010

Very SORE! {P90X Day 4}

Yesterday I completed the shoulders and arms which I didn't think I could do but I did it!
I used 2lb weight but it wasn't enough. I think I might ask Angie if she has some I could borrow for a bit.
It was still a struggle but I think I could have handled a little more weight. I wasn't really sweaty.
But then, I did the ab ripper again and OWW.. that one is soo hard. I have improved already. I know it is not going to kill.. I dont think.

I have been eating very well, not going for any seconds. Eating correct portions and such. I still struggle with night time snacking. The last two nights I just felt so hungry since I haven't been eating desserts or anything. So I made a smore. mm delicious. I am not going to have a smore tonight tho. Maybe two smores a week.. haha.

OH and I almost forgot. I am trying an experiment with tea. as I have said before I love tea. I drink a LOT! I am trying to switch out caffeinated for decaf. Actually I am going to try to drink a lot more Green Tea. I thought I hated it but i don't. So I will tell you how that makes me feel. This morning I felt a bit groggy without my morning tea..

Later today I am going to do the Yoga X. I am excited for this one. I need some good stretching!

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