Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do your best and forget the rest!

That is Tony Horton's motto. (not to be confused with Tim Horton the player or the coffee shop)
Tony Horton is the guy from P90X and yes, I am attempting the work out.
I am doing my best and for that to happen I need to have 3 ways to keep accountable and one of those ways is going to have to be my blog. Sorry folks but if I know that SOMEone might read it and think, "uh oh.. Melissa hasn't posted about her workout or progress.." then hopefully I will feel some sort of responsibility to my readers.
So I will do my best. I will report a couple times a week. at least once. Probably every Tuesday.

Here is what has been happening so far.

Day 1- Monday: Arms, Chest and Ab ripper. It went well, I have never done so many pushups in my life combined! My arms are STILL very sore. I couldn't do very many reps.. an average of about 10 per set and I still do the "girl version" on my knees.
Ab ripper was intense. Abs still hurting as well.

Day 2- Tuesday: Plyometrics. Now I have done the plyo a few times at Jaspreet's house. This is quite the work out for the lower body. I have a hard time getting up after sitting down. I am indeed sore.

Day 3- Today: Shoulders and...arms.. I have no idea how I am going to do this when my arms are so sore still. but I will push through and do my best.

I heard the first 3 weeks of this program is the it will take quite a bit of endurance.

Please keep me accountable.


  1. you can do it!! and then after I have emma I will get in gear too!! lol

  2. I will keep you accountable! Cuz I burned you the discs and that takes like 9 hours to do!! And everyone I have ever burned it for, hasn't done more than 4 days of it!