Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hair Update: Week 1

I washed my hair yesterday using baking soda and rinsing with vinegar. I took about 1 tablespoon of baking soda and dissolved it in about 6 oz cup. (I'm still experimenting with the proportions) As I rinsed the baking soda out of my hair I could tell that it really got the oil and residue build up out of my hair.
I then rinsed with about half cup of white vinegar and half cup of water (didn't have cider vinegar yet or any essential oils). I will have to work on getting an old shampoo bottle or something to squirt because I accidently got the vinegar in my eyes. YOWZERS! I thought I was going to be blind. Luckily I rinsed my eyeballs out right away and the pain was gone within seconds.
I finished with combing my hair with a wide toothed comb and blow dried my hair a bit.
When it was completely dry I brushed it with my new brush Buzzbee bought me! The brush has boar bristles and synthetic bristles. I researched brushes and it was suggested to be the best for your hair.

I noticed right away that my hair was very soft and shiny.  A lot less flyaways and frizzies and it was smooth without having to blow dry it all the way. It almost looked like I straightened it. Jake noticed the softness and also the vinegar smell. I have to work on that.
Today my bangs look a lil greasy, but then again they always get that because I am constantly moving them out of my face with my hands.

Another thing I noticed this morning was that my eyes were not swollen! I usually always wake up, straining to open my eyes that are puffed right up. This morning that didn't happen. Not sure if it's just coincidence or if shampoos and product have that effect on my eyes.


The notice for our immigration interview appointment came in the mail the other day!!
I am SOOO happy!! March 14th at 8:45 AM we will have our interview in Detroit and after the interview I will be a United States resident and can cross the border freely AND get a job in the US!
This is an answer to our prayers for sure! I can't wait to visit my family and friends back in Canada.

That's all for now.
Have a good stupid bowl sunday. (I'm not a football fan, other than 49ers only because my old roomies bro is on the team and that is kinda fun. I would totally watch the super bowl if he was playing.)


  1. Meliss - I learned from the eye doc at Sams club that peopl enever irrigate their eyes enough after they get something in them.... so if it happens again, you needs to wash the waiter out of them for like 5 mins!

  2. Yah, I really rinsed them out when I got vinegar in them, but I bet I don't rinse them well enough when I get shampoo in them, that's when my eyes really hurt and they are always red and puffy after shower. And I looked it up that vinegar will only sting the eyes but it won't do any short term or long term damage, just sting real bad. and that it did.