Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Turning the big TWO-FIVE!

Tomorrow, Feb. 10 is my birthday!! I am turning 25 years old! My mom and Alph are coming to visit me in the afternoon and bringing lunch and cake! I am very excited!
Then we are going out for chinese food with Buzzbee's family in the evening. We are planning to go to a hotel to celebrate my bday and Valentine's day tomorrow night, but I am not totally sure if it will work out. I am fine with whatever we do though!

Kindergarten bday party. AKA "cootie" party. Some one, i won't name names haha, had lice and it spread. :) 
2nd Bday at Swiss Chalet where my mom worked.

Bday party in Gr. 2 I believe! 

Gr. 3 or 4? Skating birthday party!


  1. Yeah!!! How exciting!!!!! remember the surprise party we through for you in highschool! The one that we literly came up with in about 15 mins!

  2. haha that pic of u blowing out the candle up close - i def see that face when u laugh sometimes ;) hehe

  3. hehe, I like that the one picture says "cootie" party...and someone is scratching their head...but I won't assume it was them,