Thursday, September 8, 2011

I start this post off with a big YAWWN, as I did yesterday. Where is all my energy? It's gone.. Early mornings are taking their toll on me and stressss of work.

Today I had half a seafood sub, an orange, water for lunch. I failed at breakfast AGAIN, eating a chewy dip bar thing. I had chili for supper at Angie's house and that was really yum! I also had a dreamsicle.

I already had my bath, drank my tea and read more of my book so now I am about to go to bed. I need to get rested for the weekend :)
Jake and I are going to work together to get our place in order tomorrow and work to keep it that way. We are both NOT organized and good at cleaning in our home. I think it's because we have to do it so much at work.. but that's not an excuse. We are not naturally inclined to want to clean.. but then again.. is anyone really? I think there may be a few who do enjoy or at least don't mind housekeeping, I really do wish I liked it.

I'm going to bed in a couple minutes so i will say Goodnight.

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  1. I know how you feel, I think I am always cleaning or organizing!