Monday, September 5, 2011

Goals into Habits -Blog and Fitness

Let's face it. Blogging regularly isn't something I am good at, but it is something that I enjoy doing. Therefore for the month of September I am going to do two things. Commit to blogging something each day as well as being health minded for this month. I need to have a short goal but also am hoping that by achieving this goal I will be motivated to make more goals in other areas of my life and make them become habits. I just need the confidence that I can do it, with the help first and foremost from God as well as encouragement from friends and family.
I go back and forth, back and forth with being happy with the way I look/feel. Somedays I want to be thin, and other days I am completely happy with myself. I have come to realize that I am content but I also want to do my best and part of that comes from taking better care of myself. I need to exercise and eat healthy.

For the month of September I will post daily of my goal to a fitter me. If I miss a day of blogging, I would appreciate someone reprimanding me. I may also post a couple crafts as I have done a few this weekend that I want to share.

Okay, getting ready for bed now. See ya tomorrow!

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