Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Highlights.

It's been a while but I will try to post at least once a week for now since it is a bit more difficult without reliable internet access.

The Christmas season has come and gone and I will share some highlights.
I tried uploading pictures yesterday on blogger but it didn't work. I will try now.

Our First Christmas (from Angie's camera, the lights were low so not the greatest quality.)
If you notice the Merry Christmas bunting on the wall.. I made it! :) That's our little Christmas tree. Next year we will get a bigger one. :)

I made this for nephew Drew!

This is the upcycled hat I made for my handsome husband. I made it out of tshirts and nice warm fleece inside. I made it a bit big.. but I know for next time.
I would put this picture up near the one that is similar but I can never drag the picture's up near the top. It's kind of annoying. I hope blogger fixes that sometime.

Christmas Cookies! I loved making the angels. 

The blue angel is the one I made for Buzzbee
I am having troubles uploading more pictures at this point. So more to come hopefully later!

Buzzbee and I had a wonderful Christmas! His gift to me other than a very nice fuzzy pink housecoat and a few other thoughtful gifts was a beautiful heart pendant necklace.
Blue and White Topaz Journey Heart Pendant in 10K White Gold - Zales
"Alternating blue and white topaz flow sweetly down the side of this 10K white gold heart pendant, highlighted by sparkling diamond accents. Delicate and feminine, the bright stones increase in size along the heart's curve, celebrating the growth of love over time." From the Zales website.
And Buzzbee picked it out all by himself. I love it! I wear it everyday.
It's so true too. My love for Buzzbee increases everyday, just as the stones do in the necklace. I love him more today than yesterday but less than tomorrow.

Another exciting gift I bought with some of the money my mom and Alph gave us for Christmas is The MacArthur Study Bible ESV.
 It came in the mail today and I am SOOOO excited about it. My Bible was getting VERY worn, as many of the pages are loose-leaf now. Buzzbee and I are getting into the habit of studying in-depth the word of God and I know this is a great study Bible.
So tonight we are coming up with some sort of plan for daily study. Any suggestions?
Are you studying a particular book?
Reading through the Bible?
Any tips?
I included a link to the Bible I bought but I got it from and found a code for free shipping over 25$. so it was a GREAT deal!

Today- Buzzbee and I recorded our first "rap" song. haha.. a mini version but I laughed pretty hard. When we finish a song I will definitely post a video. Buzzbee made a riff on garageband and yes, we made it into a hip hoppy song. It was so fun!
We also made a "newscast" the other day with our new video camera we got for Christmas.
Tonight we are watching this.
Cobra Poster 27x40 Sylvester Stallone Reni Santoni Brigitte Nielsen

Buzzbee borrowed these movies from Seth. Actually Seth brought them over voluntarily for Buzzbee and now I am subject to watching them. Thanks so much Seth.

Last night we watched this.Commando

Some great moments from the movie Commando starring the one and only Arnold Shwarzenegger. Actually watch this movie trailer.. It makes me laugh.


  1. ya, sorry about the crappy pics lol :/ now I have a better camera! ;)

  2. Hey, I have missed your posts! I love the Christmas tree cookie, your new necklace is beautiful. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!!!