Friday, March 4, 2011

I apologize for the lack of posts, here's our car :)

Not that a lot hasn't been happening, quite the opposite, it is just finding internet time to post something.
So now that I have a bit of time I will make a short post.
In a bout a monthish I should be back to having internet and regular posts! That makes me happy.

SO! I must say, I have had a lot of prayers answered rather quickly over this past month it's almost overwhelming! Buzzbee got a full time job that we had been praying about! Our car died which we knew was going to happen and the Lord provided us with a generous gift from our church with some money to go towards a new (used) car for us! AND we got a car and it's so lovely! We got a really good deal on it and should last us a while! I saw it immediately (it's yellow) and hoped we could get that one and we did!

Emma *Petal*(Blossom's baby) was born, no complications or anything and is sooo adorable! Another awesome answer to prayer is that I got my work permit! I can now legally work in the USA and within 2 days of getting it I had an interview and was offered the job! I will let you know more about that later. God has really been taking care of us, and I thank Him every night for that. I am blessed to have a wonderful, loving saviour who cares more about me than I can ever imagine. It's a wonder I ever have trouble sleeping at night, when I have an almighty God leading me and holding me in His hand I should be always sleeping like a baby.

Once I start working we are going to move into town, which will be a nice change. I am looking forward to taking this step and starting our grown up lives together, with our new jobs and new car! it's exciting.

That's all I am going to post for now, Hope to post again this weekend.


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