Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Barney Thanksgiving Weekend


Buzzbee and I woke up to a rainy Thursday but this thursday is special because, yup you guessed it, it's Thanksgiving! First I must finish sewing my sweater because I want to wear it today! I am not really sewing a sweater but just adding some embellishments to it. I shall post a picture later. Now it's off to Grandmother Rose's house we go! Buzzbee and I ride with his parents and sister. I seem to remember last year being rainy too. We drive about 45 minutes and then we are there!

mmm.. it SMELLS delicious and rumours have it that Grandma Rose has made every traditional Thanksgiving food you can think of. Buzzbee and I venture downstairs after our coats are hung up nice and neat. (no leaving a mess in Grandma Rose's house. Don't even think about it) My eyes are huge! They have to be to take in the sight of all the wonderful, aromatic, tantalizing thanksgiving feast around me! Thanksgiving indeed has arrived. Buzzbee could really care less about food.. which is hard for me to imagine but I can tell by the slight drool on Buzzbee's face that his salivary faculties are working overtime.

We play with our little nephew Drew until it is time to eat. Well, I eat some appetizers and play with drew before we eat. Drew loves all the new toys at Grandma Rose's house that he has not played with. So does Buzzbee.

Finally, it's time to eat. We say blessing of course and give thanks to God for alllllllll that he has given us and the wonderful food and now onto the meal.
Buzzbee and me are still at the kids table. Go figure. It's okay though because we are still not the oldest at the table. We all notice that Grandma rose did not set out the traditional butter shaped as turkeys. Oh well. I love stuffing. now THAT is something I could eat every meal every day. Maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration, but only slight. I leave room enough for one piece of lemon meringue pie. okay a piece of pie as well as a tiny piece of carrot cake just for the cream cheese frosting. :)

All this to say, I actually did not feel stuffed. I did not go back for seconds and I think the walk up and down the driveway with Buzzbee helped before we ate our big meal.


Black Friday that is. Buzz Bee and I decide we should stay at Nick and Angie's Thursday night so we would be in town come EARLY Friday morning. This was good in theory. There I am at 3am STILL awake alongside BuzzBee who is also, STILL awake. I blame this on the tiny, tiny bed (like kid sized) we are sleeping on with one pillow and one blanket to share. The alarm goes off at 3:45 am and I have that sick feeling you know you get when you stay over at a friend's house and stay up ALLL night and then have to go about a normal day and you regret not getting at least a little bit of sleep. Well, Buzzbee and I want to hit the stores early for Black Friday because you know we want to get cart. A cart I thought would be attainable only if we got there early and being that Target was our first stop and it being so heavily advertised this year I convinced Buzzbee that we should get there a couple minutes early so that we can get.. a cart.
We arrive at Target at 4:02am. The doors had opened only 2 minutes earlier. Our jaws drop at the sight of it. people....mounds, hoards, piles, swarms of people. Not regular people, but the crazy deal shopping, don't mind waiting in the FRIGID (it really was freezing and snowy) cold air for...hours. We are in shock that this was really happening. The line of people went all the way around the store and after waiting in the mall for an hour the line of people had gone in. FINALLY. We decide to go in and to our suprise.. the line to the checkouts went all the way around the perimeter of the store and doubled back. Nuh uh! No way am I standing in that line for maybe 20 dollars off of my total. I do love me a great deal. but THIS? let's get real.

So we leave. We hit Best Buy which isn't near as busy as Target, but the thing I am planning on getting Buzzbee for Christmas isn't on sale anyways, so we leave.
We go back home and hit the sack at about 630am. We fail.
4 hours later we head on over to meet Buzzbee's family for breakfast at the Sack where they tell us about their experience which was a lot more successful than ours since they waited till later in the morning.

Moral of that story: Never again will I go to black friday sales least not right when stores open.

Saturday I was able to sleep in while Buzzbee went off to work. I had a nice warm shower and rested. I can't seem to recoup. after the craziness of friday. I decide to do some laundry and hang up our clothes. Buzzbee suprises me when he gets home from work early and I don't remember much after that. haha. I was too groggy to remember Saturday.. so now on to Sunday!

After church we had a nice family dinner with Buzzbee's Aunt and Uncle to Celebrate Buzzbee and his brosef's bdays! It was a lovely meal and Angie and I will benefit from the gift to the boys: Applebees!
I give Buzzbee his present which is a Bamboo Pen Tablet thing! Bethany had one and I thought Buzzbee would like it because you can do a lot of graphic(y) kind of stuff. I was disapointed that he wasn't more excited when he opened it but I guess he didn't know what it could do. Now he loves it so thats good.

After they opened gifts we went to a Christmas Tree farm.

FUN PICtures BELOW!!!!


  1. Who made the ornmament?? It's pretty!

  2. nicks mom..she gives us all an ornament every year for Christmas :) a tradition.