Monday, November 15, 2010

A Nature Walk Before a Busy Week

Just a few pics. I can't seem to upload all the ones I want. Buzzbee will have to show me when he gets done work. scratch that. I can't upload them right now. I shall do that later.
I am at the cafe right now. He will be done soon. And we got a free movie rental, we are watching how to train your dragon tonight! If you have a blockbuster express machine by you.. tonight only this code will work... FRMNDY. yah.

Today we went to Plymouth again so the doctors could make sure I was negative for tb and give me my documents. Glad that's done. One step closer!

Tomorrow I have a day off, unfortunately Angie is still feeling ill. I hope she is feeling better after a goooood day's rest tomorrow.

That being said tomorrow I plan on getting a lot done.

I need to get wrapping paper to wrap some boxes...
Where's the cheapest place?

I will hopefully post pics soon of our nature walks, and some crafts that I am working on

Gotta jet~!
Buzzbee is done work now!


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  1. I can't wait to see your decorations! How much room do you have to decorate?