Saturday, November 13, 2010

Immigration...and a challenge.

Sounds boring, and mostly it is. Immigration is the reason I have not been attending my blog very regularly and not doing much else either. It has me traveling all over the state to get things that they require from certain places and people.. oy vey. The positive thing about this is that once we are done I will be able to live here and work!!!! I have never been this excited to work!!
Who knows what God has in store for us, but I know that working would really help us out as a newly married couple. I can't wait! Also.. immigration is costing us over $2000 dollars so far..yah. not fun. but I guess it is an investment in a way.

So please pray for us when you think of it. We are sending everything in all at once Nov. 17th. Please pray that we do everything correctly, that the process goes SPEEDY and everything goes smooth and I will soon be a resident and get my travel and work visa fast!

Tomorrow I have to go back to the civil surgeon to check that my tb test is not positive.. which it isn't.. I don't know why I cant just call and tell him instead of traveling an hour and half. But I also have to get my blood work results and the paper work.

Right now I am the library waiting for Buzzbee to get done with work. I have printed off many many recipes that I intend to try over the Christmas holiday.
I have not eaten yet and so I am very hungry for supper..

speaking of yearning for food.. I am starting a challenge. right now.

I am challenging myself and any other to lose 10lbs.
I am starting off with losing 10 lbs and will work from there. maybe once I lose the 10lbs then I will go for another 10lbs. Ideally I would like to lose about 20-25lbs.

So who's with me!?

Just 10lbs.. thats not a whole lot.
And just before the holidays would be a good time.. that way we can eat maybe a lil extra goodness..wait that doesn't make sense..hmm..well at least if we are trying to lose 10lbs and being mindful of what we eat than we might not GAIN 10 lbs.

I don't know about you but I struggle with wanting to eat ALLL the deliciousness nto just at Christmas but especially at Christmas. That's why my changes are going to be simple over the holidays to lose 10lbs.
Here's the plan.

1. No eating after 8'oclock except once a week when I have to have homemade popcorn and watch a movie with Buzzbee.
2. Drink lots and lots of water. No pop.. that is a HARD one for me.. maybe one pop a week..
3. eat oatmeal or some good fibreous breakfast
4. Stretchin in the morning
5. Run around with Drew in the backyard
6. burn at least 100-200 minumum cals on DDR 3 times a week
7. Go for nature walks with Buzzbee on the weekends. at least 2x
8. Desert twice a week ( i need to cut back but I can't not have desert ever!)
9. Exercise!!! That is my MAIN goal I guess. I like my food and so i am hoping exercising will speed my metabolidm up and burn off all those calories. The way I intend to do this is with P90x! That is if Brittney remembers! :)
10. on days when I don't work out. I must do minumum of 75 jumping jacks, 25 pushups, and 75 situps.

okay lets see how I do.
If you want to join me with this challenge let me know. We shall be accountable.
My weigh in day is going to be Tuesday. Then.. I must lose 10lbs. by...Dec. 28th. Random.. but thats the day i chose.

I will try to blog more this week.. but its busy.. but maybe a few short posts.


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