Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pizza and Shopping!

Today Buzzbee and I went to Pizzahut for lunch! we had a giftcard so it makes it that much better!
We went to Joann's where I purchased some felt. I might have to go back for more, but I will wait till i find some coupons.
The felt I bought is for two things. A Christmas gift for someone.. which I will show you later
and a "Merry Christmas bunting!" I plan to start that tonight or tomorrow!
I've already started decorating! we have ALL our lights up.. we went a little overboard haha.
So I should have pics up of that on the weekend so stay tuned.

Nature Walks

Buzzbee and I have discovered that I am more in the a better mood after we go for a walk or do something out of doors. I feel more energetic and hmm.. I don't know.. just better.
So Buzzbee takes me for walks now. I love it! It keeps us young. Looking under logs for living creatures, following deer trails, taking funny pictures, and talking about life on the way.

Me being silly on one of our nature walks.

Mushrooms on our nature walk

Some Fluffs on our nature walk.
Deer. They ran across the path and we tried to get a photo. Once Buzzbee gets a new lens for Christmas we will be able to get a better picture of deer in the distance but for now this will do.

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  1. beautiful pictures!!! I am too cold to go for walks.....