Thursday, November 18, 2010


Being that everyone and their mom, yes that makes sense, is pregnant I thought I would post some pics that inspired me. Not that I am planning on having a nursery or anything that you would place in a nursery soon, but for my friends. Angie has said that I can help her decorate which I am thrilled to the core about! yay!
And Mandy, I know probably has a theme already in her head but she may have to tweak it a little since I am sure its going to be a girl (she's thinking boy) and Lita who is having a boy!

This one I really love. It's about as girly as I would get. I love the clouds and the airy feel. It would allow a great deal of "scope for the imagination". This would transition well into a toddler room easily. I really love the blue/yellow combo. seems so happy and soothing.

(pic from
This just looks so comfy! I know Buzzbee would LOVE the carpet in the room. I would never think to put that kind of carpet in a baby's room but it does remind me of soft grass without it looking too...themed. I don't think I would put the grassy carpet with the cloudy room. This looks elegant and comfy. I don't think it would transition well into a toddler's room though.

I love these trees!! If I could paint like this..hmm Rachelle can, I would have these in my nursery!
I think Mandy would like something like this too. It's always nice to bring a little of the outdoors indoors

This isn't a nursery, but again I love the tree design. The pillows and cushions are cute too. You could incorporate this into a nursery.

Ok I know! enough with the trees already!

An Owl theme? I think yes! I think Mandy would do something like this.. but a little more modern feel. A little Ottaway Owl.

Angie's nursery is peach. I think this would be very whimsy and cute little border.  peach and grey..I love these elephants.
Love this owl bunting!

Okay. I could do this all night but Buzzbee should be here any minute now to pick me up. Then its left over Pizza time!!


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  1. Coming from someone who is NOT "everyone" I don't think you're crazy at all... I love to think and dream about when I will become apart of that "everyone and their mom" statistic. I have the colours picked out for my babies room! Not necessarily a theme, but colours that I am in LOVE with!! I also have a list on my computer of how I plan on telling my friends/family/facebook of the great news.... several years down the road when we have the money to spoil a little one or two...