Monday, March 21, 2011

My Wedding Day! {Day 7 Spring Forward}

Buzzbee and I were really married August 15th 2010 in his family's backyard. We had to get married in Michigan since I was going to be living there. (kinda confusing, I know but hey,I got TWO weddings)
It was a very hot afternoon and we were married outside. Pastor Rob married us and it was perfect. We had cake with his family and only my mom was able to make it. I left for Canada that day and prepared for our Wedding in Canada (the wedding wedding) on August 21 2010.
We were married at my home church and it was very much a DIY wedding! My mom altered my wedding dress herself and I made my own headpiece.
I walked down the isle to "Anne's theme" from Anne of Green Gables! (my fav.)
Buzzbee and the groomsmen wore vests which Ithought were cute and great for the weather (supposed to be hot but ended up being a very rainy day)
The reception was by Lake Erie at a near by marina. We decorated the pavilion with fabrics and lights and had tea pots with flowers and teacups with candles in them on the tables.
My Mom and Alph (her husband) were to prepare ALL the food but a few days before the wedding Alph went into the hospital with some sort of obstruction. (VERY painful) He ended up staying there for days and missed the wedding entirely. My mom and Alph's sister made ALL the food for our 100ish guests and it was awesome!
Alph was supposed to also set up our speakers and music but since he was unable to do so we had to improvise. We did have some technical difficulties during the dance,but all in all it was a fun night.
I married my best friend twice in one week and it was amazing!

Here are some pics.


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