Monday, March 14, 2011

What I like about Me {Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 1}

I like that I try to be a good friend to my friends. :) I am not the "perfect" friend, but I am genuine and care deeply about the friends and family God has put in my life. I believe people that know me feel comfortable enough to be themselves around me which in turn makes me feel free to be myself as well.

I like that I can be happy doing just about anything and truly enjoy the moment. I don't often find myself bored for more than a few minutes. If it does happen its because I am being lazy and don't feel like doing anything to entertain myself. I can keep myself good company and love a good balance between being social and having some quiet time. I am for the most part a contented person when it comes to accepting the circumstances that I cannot change. I do the best with what I have and know that what I have ultimately belongs to God.

I like that I am open minded. I think that I am pretty good at seeing things from other people's perspective and while I might not necessarily agree with them, I usually take some time to put myself in their position and try to see how they might see it. Not to say that I don't have strong convictions, I do, but I guess what I am trying to say is that I am understanding and compassionate for the most part and I like that about myself.

Physically, I would have to say I like my uniqueness. I have chubby cheeks, long nose with a bump, and a sticky out bottom lip with hardly an upper lip to match not to mention my crazy un-kept hair (that one could be helped I realize). I know God made me this way and so I have come to embrace this look as my own.

As I close this post I feel a bit awkward about saying all these things that I like about myself,but then I am reminded of a poster when I was in Kindergarten that said, "I'm not junk, because God doesn't make junk". I know who I am in Christ and because of that I can love myself because I am loved my an Awesome God!

PS. please keep Buzzbee and I in your prayers today as we go to Detroit for the immigration interview!! pray for safety and that we would arrive there in time and that the interview would go smoothly and quickly!


  1. all those things are true :) i have always admired ur optimism! i am blessed to have u as a friend AND sister ;) and u are beautiful!!

  2. I love getting to know people! It's not too much!

  3. I love all those things about you!! I can't wait to hear about your interview!

  4. you're pretty! can't wait to read more :))