Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something I could definitely live without{Day 5 Spring Forward}

I know,I skipped a day,but I am already behind so it's okay.

First off, I want to share with everyone that I am now a permanant (with conditions) legal resident of the United States!! WHOOO.. which means I can now work and cross the border which is why I am visiting everyone in Canada this week!! Feels SOOO good to be FREE. no limitations now!

So, something I could definitely live without is television. I know this because we do not have television at my home in Canada. All summer I lived without the tv. I can get all my news from the internet and the newspapers. ( I know, how archaic.) <--don't think that makes sense whatsoever, but maybe.
However I still enjoy movies, more going to see a movie once a month as that is our tradition for date nights (more date afternoons since the movies are half price before 6). OR I rent FREE movies with blockbuster codes I find online! I'll remember to post them on my blog when I find them next time. They are just for the blockbuster express (or whatever its called).
I do like to watch television shows, however perhaps the thing I could live without is commercials! I know they are good for planned potty breaks, but seriously, it is a waste of time! and of course, I can't say that the television itself is the thingIwould want to live without(but Icould if I wanted) because we use the tv for movies and videogames as well. SOOO to sum it up. I could live without commercials!THE END


  1. HAHA, I could better myself without TV, but I think I would drive myself crazy with trying to find something to do!



  2. i could DEFINITELY live without commercials! (mainly because they are always making me hungry or want something i don't need haha!)

  3. The commercials are what pays for the TV shows though!!! So without them you wouldn't have the shows!