Thursday, October 21, 2010

Company's Coming!

I am SO excited. Buzzbee and I are having our first (kind of second if you include boys game night one time) but the first "dinner" we are hosting!
I am quite excited because I am going to make homemade pizza, cheesy bread, chips and dip, salad, pumpkin gingerbread trifle for dessert and cinnamon coffee, tea or pumpkin lattes!! I hope everything turns out alright.

oh yah, this is whats for dessert... or something similar

Then we will either play a game..or watch a movie. A movie might be easier with food eating food..not sure. We will see what everyone feels like doing.

I have come to love cooking and baking. I tend to mess things up a lot but I am learning. I have a tendency to burn or overcook things.. that is my downfall.. and its a big one. Although.. the other day I made a mock apple pie.. and it was not cooked enough. It wasn't the greatest anyways. I have to find the recipe my mom used.
I made "impossibly easy pumpkin pie" last night from Betty Crocker. It was very easy! Although my pie pan is very deep and this makes cooking it difficult. The outside gets cooked a lot faster than the middle.. uck.. I think I may need to buy a new pie pan.
I have just been home making some thank you cards and now I really must be off to clean!

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  1. Meliss! I'm so proud of your skills! You're a wife after my own heart. :) Just keep practicing! I could cook lots of things, but I couldn't fry an egg for the life of me until recently. There are many skills that take a ridiculous amount of work.

    Also, look for tin pie plates at garage sales and such--they're usually like 50 cents. I have about 100 of them. :)