Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My First Guest Blogger

Introducing Andrea! She is my first ever guest blogger. She has some embarrassing and hilarious stories that she shares on her blog, so I invited her to share with all of you guys. She moved from Michigan to Wyoming...weird, I know. I have no idea what she is going to write about. Check out her almost daily hilarious real life stories at Sheridan Trails
But here she goes!

Thank you Melissa!
I decided to write about our awesome trip we took to Florida.
For spring break, sophomore year in college.
Remember that? It was pretty crazy.

So I have a cousin that lives in Daytona Beach, FL.
Every year he has invited my siblings and I to come down to his house for spring break.
Joe (my brother) has gone down a few times, and I thought it was my time to go too.
But because I am WAY last minute about everything, I didn't even start thinking about a spring break trip until the weekend before.
I was dinking around on my computer and looked up tickets to Daytona from Detroit.
And guess what, round trip...they were like $100 bucks.

So I call up my cousin Scotty...on Monday.
Ask him if we can come down...on Thursday.
He said yes (bless him).

Then I asked Melissa if she wanted to go too.
She said yes.

So we booked the tickets, packed up, and WENT TO FLORIDA!!!!!!

So we were on a pretty tight budget for this trip, so we stayed at my cousin's house.

It was cool.

It was also bike week when we went down.
Which was pretty hilarious.

He let us use his car.
And we could drive on the beach.

We were basically the only ones on the beach.
I guess bikers don't like to tan.
We laid out EVERY SINGLE DAY on the trip.
I got royally fried.
Melissa got royally tanned.

Then we bought this hemp self-tanner crap.
And turned orange.

One of the draw-backs from this trip was we had to watch basketball.
Every night.
It was a little much.

So one day, after the beach, we went to the dollar store.
And got crafts.
Like velvet coloring sheets. I got a tiger and I think Melissa got a dolphin...or the other way around.
And THAT was fun.

Soo that trip was fun. we did WAY more things.
Um like eating at Wendy's with coupons, and um buying ice cream cones, and watching notting hill a bajillion times.

When we got back, we were fried like 60yr old tanorexic women.
And we looked GOOD.

Thanks Melissa for letting me write a post for you.
It wasn't that funny, but I think that was one of my favorite trips EVER and I was able to spend it with YOU!!!



  1. That was such a random trip! That is what College is all about! Welcome to MG's blog Andrea! I miss you!

  2. Sweet!! HAHA! I was hoping you would write about that trip or something else! haha.. that was a great great trip.. one of the highlights tho was swimming in the extreme cold waves and almost drowning over and over again... yahhh

  3. Oh yeah! It was sooo cold, but we kept swimming because it was spring break and we wanted to do EVERYTHING. Remember when we ate all him m&m's then bought another bag, and ate all of those too? hahaha

  4. You seem to have great fun..

    Hi! New Follower..
    Hope you stop by too! ;)