Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Fashion

Check it out! I was reading With Love, Jamie and she posted this! So cool and I am planning on participating. You should too! It will be fun. Click on the button on my sidebar to find out more. I was too excited to even find out more information for myself before I posted this so I can't tell you much. The button on this post doesn't work because I don't know what I am doing.

So what are you wearing this fall?

under the open sky tunic top
Ruche: I REALLY like this tunic. It's sort of romantic. I really really like it.

ten minutes to hoot o' clock owl watch necklace in brass
Ruche: So Whimsical. I would wear this.
knowledge blooming backpack
Ruche: If I still needed a backpack I would choose this one.
forever yours locket necklace
Ruche: I love lockets. I don't have one, but I like them all. This one reminds me of something. I think my mom used to have one like this.
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Here are some fall clothing choices I really like.

daydream believer navy top
Ruche: I really like the detail of this top. The fulness on top and bottom of the shirt would accentuate your waist nicely. If I had a waist.

Forever 21: I think I like this. I don't know. Just the shirt.

let's get away knee high riding boots
Ruche: Boots! I love boots. That's my favourite part about Fall fashion. However, Buzzbee does not share this love. He has a fear of boots. He also thinks that women who wear boots are...high maintenance? definitely not me, but that's his opinion. haha. I still wear them and he loves me just the same.
Forever 21: This would be cute while raking the leaves or sitting out for a bonfire! Love the hat too!
This ensemble says "I don't care what I look like but I know I at least look cute" (That didnt really make a ton of sense but you get my drift)

lumberjack love story plaid shirt Nothing says you are ready for cold weather like a plaid flannel shirt. Lumberjack style. I shall get this. Or one similar for a cheaper price. :)

Velvet schoolboy blazer
J Crew: Velvet School boy blazer. I really like this. Of course I cannot afford this exact one but I will let you know if I find one similar.

mustard masterpiece cowl neck scarf
Ruche: This colour is beautiful for fall. I really like this scarf. I bet target has one similar. Although I have too many scarves and just gave some away to GoodWill.

through the woods cottage dress
the green hour one shoulder dress

those were the days embroidered dress

i'll be your crying shoulder dress in black

Last items were all from Ruche. I don't have time to write about them right now. I must be off and pick up Buzzbee from Soccer.

I will most likely finish up this post later. maybe. I have a lot of cleaning to do tonight. And lasagna.



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