Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love my Friends!

I have been blessed with a lot of close special friends and I love them all for different reasons.
Today I am going to share some older photos of me and two special friends who I am going to hang out with for a couple days! We are going to have sleepovers and do all the fun girl stuff! I can't wait! This will be my first time away from Buzzbee since we were married.
So, here are some memories of these two special friends!

Britt's back yard. (She's taking the picture) Carrie is on the right and I am on the Left. That's mandy in the middle but we will talk about her another time! :D


Hanging out at K-She's house



Girl's Valentine Party  at Britts house. I question my hair and braces.


Christmas party at Carries house

Party at Mandys house in the summer

At some Ruins

Mandy's wedding! Britt and I were Bridesmaids

Britts Wedding

Britt's wedding! Carrie and I were bridesmaids

Playing Racko at Carrie's house. We played with K-She who is very competitive.haha..

My Wedding

Now I will tell you a bit about my two friends Carrie and Brittney.

Carrie and Brittney are two of my oldest friends I believe. We have known each other since we were about 4 years old, although Brittney and I didn't really become friends until highschool. Carrie remembers me telling her I was 2 years older than her when we were 5 years old. I wasn't. I don't know what possessed me to say that.. I think I meant 2 weeks. I loved sitting with Carrie in church because she had piles of polly pockets! I always wanted a polly pocket. Carrie also remembers me breaking a pearl necklace of hers when we were young.. I guess I was chasing her and grabbed it. SORRY! haha
Carrie and I used to hang out a lot with K-She who was usually mean to us.. mostly carrie.. but we still loved her anyways. Don't worry. she changed a lot. I love to remember K-she's younger days.. hahaha. too hilarious! She was mostly just bossy.
Carrie and Brittney went to a different Highschool until Gr. 11 when their school closed down and they came to mine! Yay!
Britt and I had french class together and also fashions class. This is where we became friends. My friends really made highschool awesome! We had SUCH great times!
Carrie and I had world issues class together..WHAT a class..We watched that show "Talking with Americans" or whatever it was called every monday.. Why? I have no idea.. just to have a laugh. our teacher had rocks in his head.. literally. That's another story for another time.
Since then we have done a lot together! a lot!
We have been to Ukraine on missions trips, camping trips, holiday parties, hangouts on most weekends and then when it came to college Britt and I both attended Spring Arbor University where we hung out even more!
We have really all been such great lifelong friends so far and don't intend to let the friendship slip away.
SO for the next few days We will be back together again and making some new memories!!!
I will post pictures and tell stories.
Gotta go. Dew is done his breakfast. Time for outside play!
Ta Ta!


  1. Dear Meliss - I love that we got a whole blog post!! Great picture collection!!! We have some excellent memories together! I hope they never end.... even if they have to be spread out over more time....

  2. Hey Melissa! You won my contest!! Make sure you claim your prize today so I don't have to pick another winner!