Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Too Good Not to Share

I follow Clipping for Cash and a while back there was a promo code for a free 20 pg photo book from Picaboo! I made one but then realized the code was expired.. well good news! its back up and I am getting ready to order as soon as Buzzbee gets back and gives me the credit card. You have to pay for shipping which is 8.99 but well worth it. The book itself is a 40 dollar value!
I am making a little coffee table book of our wedding.
So go to picaboo, and make your's so fun and easy!! You can do a ton with it.. really make it unique! And then when you are ready to order type in the promo code 1FBLGB-7W. YAH! 


  1. hi melissa! thanks for stopping by my blog:) yours is adorable as well.

  2. I shared the coupon with Jennie! Anytime you see free books let me/her know.... she tries to make 3-4 books of the same content for each of the babies!