Monday, October 11, 2010

The Third Celebration!

Yesterday we celebrated our wedding for the third time but this time here in Michigan! We had a reception open house at the Elementary school where Buzzbee's mom had decorated the gym. It looked wonderful!

The Beautiful cross stitch Buzzbee's Aunt Bean made for us. It's a masterpiece and won first prize in the fair!

Pretty candle votives and heart shaped peppermint patties

I wore a white sparkly gold dress I had bought on impulse in highschool with Raisin.

The gym decorated

The Dessert table

The food table
The lovely cake made by Buzzbee's Mom

The menu consisted of apricot chicken (loved it) broccoli and cauliflower cheese stuff, rolls made by Grandma Rose, pasta salad, spinach salad with strawberries, with lemonade and apple punch to drink.. as well as coffee. For dessert we had wedding cake that Buzzbee's mom made and brownies and apple tarts that Buzzbee's Aunt made. It was all do gooood! yummm. I ate too much.

I met a lot of Buzzbee's family I had not met before. His family is very different from my extended family. I have a lot more cousins and people my age. It was a good time though. We started playing euchre with Daisy and Turtle (the newest couple) but we had to start cleaning up. It was good though because they were winning. And I don't like to lose.

Daisy and Turtle (Dating 1 week.)

Cocoa Packets for favours! yummm

We received a lot of nice things for our home. Some of the things we really liked were mixing bowl set ( I have been desperately needing some) loaf pans. (now I can return Buzzbee's mom's pan) Pizza Stone (Very excited about this. I am going to make cookies on it tonight probably) Slippers... so many nice things.. I think there are only two things left that we need to purchase sometime and that is a colander and rolling pin. I am hoping to find an inexpensive marble rolling pin somewhere. My mom said the superstore sold them for 10 dollars but we don't have superstore here. I know bed bath and beyond sells them for I am still looking. Let me know if you know where I can get one.

Well, it's time for me to get ready to leave. Buzzbee and I are going to red lobster today to celebrate Thanksgiving!!!
Yes today is Canadian thanksgiving. Since I can't go home for Thanksgiving we will have the turkey of the sea instead.. I think that's lobster. I will write a list of my thankful things when I get back tonight.
After red lobster (we have a gift card) we are going to the mall to look around and then the movies at 4:30pm. (That's the cheap time) The Town is what we have chosen to watch. Buzzbee and I are unsure if it will be an okay movie to watch...but I will cover his eyes as well as mine when there are scary/inappropriate parts.. but Ive heard a lot of good things about it.
So we will see. I will tell you if I reccomend it or not.
We have been waiting to see a movie for a long time and didn't actually see one last month because nothing good was out.
Next month we will see Harry Potter.
okay i best be off.



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