Sunday, October 24, 2010

A thing called Patience...

Today I learned that a little thing called patience can really go a long way, especially in marriage. Buzzbee is the sweetest man in the world but today I was irritated. Not really with him, but just the stress of everything going on at the moment and me not communicating clearly. The interesting thing is that the message at church was all about communication. How important it is in marriages and other relationships. To help each other grow we need to communicate these things to each other in a loving, kind way.

The analogy Dr. Bracy gave today was great. He is a little on the heavier side and his doctor was a fat man. And he loved him. Not once did this overweight doctor tell Doc Bracy that he needed to lose weight. Well that doctor moved out of town and Dr. Bracy had to get a new one. Unfortunately the new doctor was skinny and did notice Dr.Bracy's weight and wanted him to lose some of it.

This is just like in marriages. If we were both fat doctors, neither of us would say anything about the issue. But we are to help each grow, become more balanced and become better for God's purpose.
I found this incredibly exciting! Buzzbee is going to help me be a better person and grow in Christ and I will help him with the strength and guidance God gives us.

So back to where my patience, or lack there of, comes in. Buzzbee is a little more laid back than me.. actually suprising because I have always been very very laid back. But since about 2 years ago I have slowly become more uptight and losing my patience quicker. I think it had to do with roommates in college. Not to say I didn't love living with the girls I have in the past, I really did! but I think growing up I had always been super laid back, easy going and patient because no one really tested my patience except my brother maybe.

After living with people in close proximity I had to compromise the way I wanted to do things, or listen to others tell me how or what I should do. Those were the college years. Now that I married things are a lot smoother but I do tend to get uptight. I do lose my patience, but I do not have a temper. I have never had a temper but losing my patience results in either saying something I didn't really mean or a tear fest.

Today it was a tear fest. I felt overwhelmed with the work I have ahead of me and the unknown. It's a little unlike me to fear what is coming next but today I felt it. I know God has gone ahead of me each day and knows what's ahead. "When he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them: and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice." John 10: 4.
But today I needed that reminder. Buzzbee was the one to remind me of God's faithfulness and that everything would get done so not to worry. The point at which I lost my patience I just cried and cried. Buzzbee just let me get it all out and held me. He's wonderful.
So today was a great example of helping each other become more balanced. I needed to relax a little and Buzzbee was that example and helped me when I needed to chill out. I also have come to realize that I need to spend more time in prayer and ask God to help me with these flaws of mine.

That's all for now. I will post about the dinner in a little bit.
See ya!

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