Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Counting Pennies

  Being newly married and not being able to work can be a struggle but I am doing my best to help our family save money in any way I can.
Sometimes its the small little changes that can add up and save money without even noticing.
So here are some of my favourite ways to save money here and there.
  • Coupons! I think I am the coupon queen! I spent some time gathering coupons online only to find out the computer lab on campus wouldn't let me print them. I need to get some ink for our printer so I can print them at home. There are a few websites that offer easy access to coupons. I am testing out a few different sources and will give a review on the ones I try. I also am going to come up with some sort of coupon organizer.. either a binder or wallet thing. I like this one.

  • Also, look in your weekly grocery ads and match up with any coupons you have for super savings!

  • Another thing you can do is go to your favourite store or one that you do a lot of shopping at and sign up for savings and newsletters! all you have to do is search on the site and put in your email and you will find savings in your inbox! Stores that I have signed up for are Walmart, Target, Home Deopt, Ruche, LimeRicki,  Bath and Bodyworks and Meijer.

  • Cheap Dates! Buzzbee and I have gone on a movie date once a month since we started dating and continue to do so. We both signed up for a Frequent Movie Goer pass which is FREE! Use it everytime you purchase a ticket of 4$ or more and you get points added on to your card which earn you free concession items! It actually adds up pretty quickly. We just got them in the mail so we are going to use them sometime this month. Just look on your local movie theatre website for any kind of club or newsletter you can sign up for. Every little bit helps. With the Frequent Movie Goer pass you also get coupons in your inbox for concession and also twighlight deals.
    • Another suggestion on movie going is to find out when the matinees are or super bargain times are. We discovered that the ticket is almost half the price between 4-6pm. So if the movie if showing at that time we go!

  • Change your lightbulbs! Buzzbee and I bought the eco friendly lightbulbs.. you know the kind.

  • Unplug things when not in use and be sure not to leave lights on! Buzzbee and I were very happy with our electric bill last month! We unplug the television and all those electronics when not in use. I have heard that tvs and computers use power even when they are not on so its best to unplug them especially if you are gone for the day and perhaps at night.

  • Library card. Get one. The library is a great resource and its free... if you are unlike me and can manage to return items on time. Remember, the library not only has books but movies, dvds, internet, newspapers, magazines etc! I definitely need to get one sooon! Also.. sign up at borders! you get points and discounts.

  • Cable...if you can live with out it, you can save. If you can't live without it maybe you should give it a try. Buzzbee and I decided not to purchase cable because we realized that the shows we do like to watch are online anyways! We can hook Buzzbee's computer up to the tv and watch from there and its free! allows you to watch and we also use Although you can only use these sites if you are in the United States... i know I know.. I used to be frustrated with that but now that I am here its good. Also, consider getting netflix! That way you can watch exactly what you want when you want. 9 dollars a month! (I believe)

  • Meat Sales! Hutch's has a meat sale once a month. We like to buy the meat while its on sale even though it comes in large quantities. We divide up the meat into smaller portions and zip em up in freezer bags for convenience. We also buy meat on sale when we go grocery shopping and freeze it or cook it that night.

  • Shop around the perimeter of the store first. This is where all the good food is. All the snacks, and processed foods tend to be in the middle aisles but the outside aisles are where the fresh food is usually. Keep your eyes on the lower and upper shelves. The pricier name brand food is usually eye level.

  • Another fun way to save a few cents is to bring your own bag shopping! Some places that give you a rebate when you use a reusable tote are:
    • CVS- $1 off after 4 visits when you use a tote. (You need to buy a tag for 99 cents that is scanned with each visit.
    • Kroger- 4 cents a bag
    • Target- 5 cents a bag
    • Real Canadian Superstore-( For my Canadians,) I know you get some sort of cash back when you buy their bags and use them.. and also my mom uses the superstore gas station because you get money back on your reciept to go toward groceries and I know she actually has earned quite a bit. I can't find any info about it online, but just go and check it out for yourself!
I thought this was fun. In case your hubby does the grocery shopping. It's a Men's Everday Tote!
  • I am probably going to make myself a few totes for groceries as soon as I get my sewing machine.
  • Bring your own mug to Starbucks and recieve 10 cents off! I find starbucks to be quite expensive but I would prefer to use my own travel mug anyways so I would save the 10cents.
And.. Here's a freebie! Check out this website! Grace to you (US only) You can get a free book if you haven't recieved anything from them before. I am getting Anxious about Nothing by John MacArthur. I love getting mail! especially free mail!

DewDrop is napping. Boy was he tuckered out. We ran around the backyard for quite some time. Chasing a butterfly and throwing around the ball. After he ate he came sat on the couch and snuggled up to me and fell asleep in two minutes flat! I usually rock him to sleep. I put him into his bed and he didn't even wake up. oh.. hold that thought.. I think I heard something in his room.. let me check. Nope. hes out like a light!

Well that's all for now. Buzzbee and I are going grocery shopping tonight after his game. I wasn't able to get coupons printed out but we will see how much I can save today. We will probably go to Aldi's.

Have a Wonderful Day!

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