Monday, October 18, 2010

I am posting a lot later than I anticipated. The day got away from me as cleaning, dishes, dinner and baking came ahead of my blogging.

I am pretty sleepy tonight. So I am keeping it light. I will post more tomorrow morning when I am feeling fresh. Today I will post about the early beginnings of my freshman year at Spring Arbor University.

The picture below is my "core group". The group of students I was to be friends with the first semester and to help get acclimated with the college lifestyle. Just by looking at this picture you can probably tell we all are very different which made our group so much fun.

We had a crazy Felice girl who is still one of my great friends. She is on the far left of the picture. Felice and I were friends right from the start and would hang out late at night and sing. We would walk around in the snow outside and sing Christmas songs and whatever songs came to our heads.

We had a few loud girls! haha, of course I loved them but I myself was on the quieter side along with the redhead Allison and Erica in the yellow bandana. The loud girls were just loud and crazy and fun. They helped us get to know everyone faster. The boys... well they were all.. interesting to say the least. The guy on the far right is Bobby, our core instructor. Now he is a character! I ended up going on a missions trip with him to Mexico during Spring break. That's a story for another time.

So At the beginning of the school year each core group goes to a farm up north for some bonding time.
This picture is taken just as we are about to leave campus!

 When we arrived to the farm we hiked out into the woods and made a fort? with the supplies we were given. This is the girls fort and we slept hear for the night. It was October and it was freeeeezzing!!

Core 13!

The Girls! There is me on the far right in the black.

So I thought I had more pictures on here but I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to get more. I also have a video that I might upload if I can find it. Sorry this is really only half a post, but I think I will still post it tonight since I haven't posted anything in a while.

Also, for those of you who don't know by hubby is looking for a job and may have found one! He is working right now as a server at the cafe but he has degree and needs to use it. It's a job at the hospital and he is really excited about it. I really hope and pray he gets it and if you have a moment pray for him and this job. It would be really good for us. Thanks!
I will be back tomorrow

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