Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dress Refashion

Happy Sunday!
It's been a relaxing one so far. Went to church at 8:25 to teach 3s&4s Sunday School. They are so cute. :)
One of the children insisted that her name was "a girl" and Buzzbee and I only found out her name through another helper. Kids are so funny at that age but they are also well behaved for the most part.
Buzzbee and I went home after church and had a much needed nap. It was nice.
After we were rested we went over to Buzzbee's parents for lunch. We had pork, scalloped cheesy potatoes, carrots and salad with strawberry shortcake for dessert. yumm.

Now I am working on refashioning a dress. I was inspired by 3 four and under's  post and decided that now would be the perfect time to work on one of my bridesmaids dresses. I looked through my closet and found this one.

I made this brown satin dress with organza overlay when I was in highschool. I only wore it once but it fits me so nicely and it's very comfy that I couldn't part with it. The thing is, it's too young looking for me and too formal. I am going to a wedding next weekend and thought a nice brown dress would be lovely for fall.

Here's the plan for the dress:

  • shorten to the knee
  • remove organza overlay
  • remove pink bows
  • make a collar or sleeve of some sort
  • cover up pink ribbon with brown/goldish type ribbon.
  • make cute flower from fabric for my hair
Check back Saturday night for the finished product! I can't wait! I have already started and shall be working on it everyday. Tomorrow I am making a trip to Joanne's to see what I can find. 

PS Don't forget to comment! : ) I am beginning to think no one reads my blog.

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  1. Dear Melissa - Nick's laptop has a virus on it that prevents me from reading your's and my friend Shelby's blogs.... it lets me on everyone else's but not yours.... soo lame.... anyways I am reading all of your blogs right now! I love how you wright!