Monday, September 27, 2010

Just One of Those Days...

For Buzzbee, not for me...although when he's having a rough day it doesn't make me feel good to see him down in the dumps.. but everyday can't be full of sunshine and roses. Nothing major happened (thanks goodness) but just a culmination of things to make ya feel like you want to go back to bed and start the day over.

Buzzbee went to bed feeling sick last night and woke up feeling worse. It seems everyone is sick these days. the weather perhaps? Anyways, I went to babysit while Blossom & Night-Owl  had their baby appointment (more on that later). I told Buzzbee he could sleep in and feel better because Blossom graciously offered to pick me up so Buzzbee didn't have to give me a ride. Buzzbee was coming to get me although I told him I would call him when I needed to be picked up but Blossom offered me a ride home and we saw Buzzbee on the way. We turned around and noticed his car on the side of the road. The brake line broke! He saw us and was putting on the brake to turn around and it broke. Thank the Lord it was when he was attempting to turn around and not at a light or stop sign. So he is safe and the car is broken...for now. One good thing is it provides another reason than just being sick for him to stay home from soccer practice today. He is still going to work tonight though. 

We have been thinking about getting a new (new to us) car lately and today proves that we need to seriously consider it. As much as I would prefer to keep the old one and save money, we have to be safe. 
So if any of you have ANY suggestions on what is a good quality car let me know! We aren't looking to buy new but something that will be safe and dependable. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Just comment below!

In Other News:
As I mentioned above, Blossom and Night Owl had an appointment today to find out exactly what kind of baby they are having. predictions were right again!!! It's a GIRL!!!!! YAY!!!
I had a feeling it would be early on, but I didn't want to get all excited for it to be a girl only to find out it was a boy. haha.. I mean.. obviously we would all still be excited.. but its just that much more exciting to have a baby girl in the family. Now Dew will have a baby sister! 

Blossom, Dew and Night Owl
I am going to write another post this evening so check back!
Thanks for reading! :D


  1. OOOh no!! Meliss = I recommend a Toyota... mine is a 1993 and in great condition. I paid $1000 for it and then paid to get the repairs done on it needed, approximately $2000 all together.... Toyota's are very reliable.... Nick drives a 2004 Dodge Neon and trust's my car more than his!

  2. Got it! thanks Britt. That is what we are hoping for. an older car but a good quality. We shall look into something like that! Thanks for the tip!