Friday, September 17, 2010

A New Beginning

Hey folks!
I was having trouble with my old blog letting me change the layout, design and such and so I have created a new one. I didn't want to, but if I wanted to start blogging again I had to do it.

So. Here it goes.

I attempted to make pizza tonight. it was...not quite a success and certainly not a failure but it was not as awesome as I was hoping.a
The trouble was all in the crust, the rest of the pizza was tasty. The recipe book told me nothing about putting the dough in a warm place. All the recipe said was to loosely cover the dough in plastic wrap and so I followed the directions. I later found out from Mel and Karen that the dough needed to be set in a warm place. I shall make a note of that. By the time I had found out this bit of helpful information it was too late. I topped off the topping and put the mishapen pizza in the oven. It turns out that Jake loves the pizza. I complained about the crust, but he thought it was perfect.. silly boy.

Speaking of Jake, it has been 4 weeks tomorrow since we were married!!! All I can say is that it has been full of suprises, joy, and a great learning experience. If you want to really learn about yourself, get married..haha, you learn a lot about the kind of person you are. Jake and I still have yet to have a "fight". We do have disagreements sometimes, miscommunications and sometimes moodiness on my part, but we have never let things turn ugly and I am hoping for the majority of our marriage we can keep our tempers at bay. ( I have no idea if that is the right kind of bay that I use in this sentence, is it bay, beigh, bae? Im thinking bay, as a body of water.)

Well, we have just finished eating the pizza and are now watching Prince of Persia. Abbey is staying the night at our place. Our first overnight guest!
I will post more later, but now is the time to make some yummy popcorn!! mmm yess.


  1. I'm so sorry the pizza didn't turn out as you hoped. Honestly, it took me probably 10-20 tries (or more!) to get it perfect consistently. :D So don't give up! And there really isn't a "rule" about the warm place for the dough rising--the dough should have risen regardless. But yeah, it does help to quicken the process if it's warm.

    Maybe we'll have to make pizzas together sometime!

  2. yah, i figure i can only get better. haha. I think maybe the warm water i put in might not have been quite warm enough.

  3. and YES we should make pizzas together sometime! that would be sooo fun! or calzones! yumm