Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprise Hubby

Last night BuzzBee got home very late. He had a grand ol' time at his brothers and was happy to see me still awake when he got home. We talked a bit before going to bed and forgot about the alarm clock that was still in the living room where Daisy was sleeping. That being said, we slept in until noon and missed church. I know I know, shame on us. We had a devotion time and ate my banana bread before BuzzBee had to leave for work. I know today is the day of rest but it just so happens that I am very motivated and inspired to organize and decorate for fall!
so my to-do list today is as follows:
- mop and vacuum all floors
- do laundry
- put pictures in empty frames
-hang all frames
- hang up curtains some how
- make chili in crockpot for when BuzzBee gets home at 7
- make cornbread
-wash strawberries and freeze them
- have a bath and look all nice
-listen to sermon we missed at church today while in bath
-attempt a french braid
-find cord thing for camera and post pictures on this here blog
- big job of sorting through our craft/office room- we dont have a desk or table or shelves.. so it has been hard to know what to do with all my stuff! haha. and I want to get crafting soon!
- dust
- decorate for fall!! Im excited for that one!

All that being said we will see how much of it I can get done before BuzzBee gets home. I plan on posting later today so check back for pictures and more stories.

Side note: Does anyone have an idea of what I can do with the roses BuzzBee gave me. I have pink and red ones. Usually I take one of the petals and press them in a book just as a keepsake. I think I want to dry them and make something nice with them, but not have to buy anything to do it either. Any ideas??

Check back to see how Buzzbee liked his surprise! Chili is his main surprise. Maybe I will make a cake also to celebrate his final paper for school being done! yay! He has official graduated!

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