Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I remember when...

I am at the cafe waiting for my sweetie. Just finished a cup of soup and sipping on my water with lemon. I am thinking about sister in law Daisy who is on a date with someone special. I have been talking to her about it and can tell she is very excited and it makes me remember my first date with Buzzbee...

(this is where we fly to the dreamlike sequence of my remembering the date)

Buzzbee and I had been hanging out for about a week and half I believe but it was always with our friends hanging around. Now it was time we went out on our own. I walked over to Buzzbee's house on campus and thought about turning around. The ground was snow covered and I thought that I was already in the backyard of his house that I couldn't turn around now because he would see my footprints. You see... I had this habit of running from boys. Don't get me wrong, I liked lots of boys, but if they ever got close to liking me back I would avoid them at all costs. It was different with Buzzbee. It was like I was being pushed to the backdoor of his house where he greeted me with a nervous hello. I was super nervous but knew once I got in and my shoes off my nerves would subside. We sat on the couch and he showed me pictures on his computer of his family. It was really nice. He was SO sweet and gentle. We decided we would go to dinner and then a movie. We made a list of all the restaurants we could think of and decided on Panera bread since I had never been there. (We don't have Panera in Canada). Like a gentlemen, Buzzbee opened the car door for me. At Panera we both ordered panini's and Buzzbee reached in his pocket for his wallet and had a look of horror on his face when he realized he had changed his pants and left his wallet at home! Something he never does and has never done since. It was okay though since I had brought money just in case. He apologized profusely and I kept reassuring him I knew he didn't purposely forget his wallet. haha. (He did pay me back the next day even more than what the date cost.. he didnt have to but he insisted.) Buzzbee and I barely touched them we were both that nervous! Then from behind his shaggy long hair at the time he said that I probably could already tell but he really liked me! It kinda bubbled out of him.. it was adorable. I then said, I like you too and began to ramble about how he probably knew too blah blah blah.. haha.
We were both relieved. It was out in the open. We went to the movies where we saw Quantum of Solice. After the movie Buzzbee talked a bit about it and I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't pay attention to the movie at all! The butterflies were too distracting and I was just enjoying sitting next to him sharing popcorn. He told me later he wanted to hold my hand but wasn't sure if I wanted him to. He ended up holding my hand the next night at 80's Rollerskating night at the rink. It was a school event. It was amazing. The hand holding, not the 80s rollerskating.

Here are a couple pictures of BuzzBee and I when we first started dating.



  1. awwww I want to write out "our" beginnings....! That was soo cute to hear! You have a great story!!!

  2. lol brittney i bet u did already sometime ha :)

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