Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a Friday Night Vlog!

I didn't want to post this because I am not very good singer or song comer upper or guitarist...but then I no, it is just for fun and someone might think its funny and be cheered up. I kinda think it's funny so I hope you do too! although the words of the song itself I mostly meant. What I really meant was.. " I love you more than the day before" not I loveD (past tense) you more the day before.. I would redo the video.. but then its not on the spot. AND I want to do other videos tonight if possible. yahh.


  1. you are so cute and have a BEAUTIFUL voice!!

  2. I love your song! Did you play it for your hubby yet? Thank you for posting your video.. it made me happy for sure and reminded me of the fun times we had when we were little. xoxo ~Nancy