Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday : Laundry Smaundry

BuzzBee left early this morning for a soccer tournament so today was the perfect day to get all the laundry done, go through all our clothes and get our bedroom in order. I planned on making a nice dinner and a cake for just because. I started the morning off a little late. It was more like afternoon.
I started on the laundry which is in the creepy basement. After lugging all the clothes downstairs and put the quarters in the dang machine was asking me for another quarter! It turns out they have adjusted the price of the washing machine from 75 cents to a dollar! I know that might not seem a big deal to you, but we are on a tight budget.. and my quarters are limited. So, I sighed and went upstairs to get another quarter and brought down the Borax. I decided to try some Borax this time because the water here is very hard. I was hoping it would increase the cleaning power as it claims. I started putting the clothes in and felt the water. It was cold! Very cold! I had set it to warm and the usual setting. The soap was not bubbling as usual either because the water was so cold.
Well.. I had most of the clothes in there already so I just let the machine run. When I came back down to get the laundry the clothes were not clean, as I suspected and worse the borax was all over the clothes since it didn't dissolve in the cold water. my fault, not the borax. Actually its the washing machine's fault.
I needed to rewash all the clothes so I put the wet clothes in a basket and am waiting for BuzzBee to return so we can go to his parents and use their washer for tonight. I was planning on having it all done by the time he got home. I have a few loads to do. Oh well. C'est la vie.

On a positive note. BuzzBee wanted me to plan something that I wanted to do tonight and said we would do it when he got home. We hadn't been to a movie this month (we do one a month) and thought that would be fun and maybe get some craft supplies at the store.
BuzzBee's mom invited us over for dinner and to work on favours for our wedding reception. (We are having a second reception in Michigan for those who couldn't come to our wedding in Canada-more on that later).
So, since the wedding reception is for us I felt that we do need to help tonight. I am getting excited though. It will be fun to work on the favours! I am not positive what they are. If you check back tonight I will post more about the favours and the reception. Maybe I will do a tutorial. I have to start doing one soon.

That's all for now!

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