Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Early Morning Post : My Addiction

Whoah there! heavy post so early in the morning you might say...
well I have an addiction and I have realized this morning that it is interfering with things in my life and ruining things!
Yes, I am a tea addict. : )
(obviously this post is only in jest)

Red Rose Black Tea, 40 Count Box (Pack of 6)
Tetley Tea, 100-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 4)I like tea. alot. I drink probably 89 4 cups a day. at least. My favourite brand is Tetley and I also like Red Rose.
Tea relaxes and soothes me.
It doesn't have to be caffenated. But I need it in the morning to start my day.

My favourite places/times to drink tea
  • In bed
  • In bath
  • On the way to work
  • At work
  • Car rides
  • Sunday School
  • Friend's house
  • Watching movie
  • Reading
  • Doing crafts
  • Cleaning
  • doing anything
Being a heavy tea drinker I have to admit there have been accidents.

Me drinking tea on my wedding day :)

Ways tea has ruined things for me:
  • sheets. multiple sheets and bedding. I tend to spill the tea when I set it on my bed for a second.
  • earphones. dropped them in my cup of tea
  • camera. dropped my tea which landed and spilled on my camera
  • computer keyboard. yes I have spilled tea all over my computer. on two occcasions
  • carpet. I have yet to do this at my new place.
  • cell phone cord thingy. fell in my cup.
  • mittens. actually this was hot chocolate now that I think about it
I'm sure there may be more but this isn't enough reason for me to stop drinking tea. I just need to get a ceramic thermos that has a sealed lid that doesn't spill when you tip it over. kinda like a sippy cup. speaking of sippy cup, Dew is still sleeping and that is why I decided to do an early morning post.

Of course, tea has to be made in the correct way or it is just no good.
The Perfect Cup:
The water. Just as important as the tea itself. It is very important that the water is boiled. In order for the flavours to be released and proper steeping hot hot water is neccessary. I prefer to use a stainless steal kettle to boil the water. I like the kind that shut off automatically because I tend to make a lot of tea and sometimes forget I put the kettle on. This is like the one I have.
Next place the tea bag in the cup. I always think tea tastes best in porcelin tea cups for some reason. Let the tea steep for a couple minutes and remove bag.
I like to add about 1tsp of sugar and just enough 2% milk to make the tea a carmely colour. Drink it hot.
This in my opinion is how to make the perfect cup of tea. Or at least a cup that I would enjoy.

So what about you. Do you like tea? as much as me?


  1. wow cool blog look :) and what is drews nickname?? ;)

  2. Ang - I think it's Dew - the Honeydew.....?

    Meliss - I think you should attach the picture from your wedding of you drinking Tea to this post...

    To answer your question.... I do love tea, but I don't drink it as much as you.... I have drank more this week though than usual because of my cold and sore throat.

  3. WHOA. so i was just on facebook and I noticed a link to this come up on my homepage... of course i had to have a look! And i must tell you, i am also in LOVE with tea. i drink it always! my favourite time to have it is definitely right when i wake up... that's the best way to start the day! and also, i very much approve of your tea-making process. that's exactly how i have mine except for i usually have 1/2 a tsp of sugar and i like a bit more milk so i don't have to wait until it won't burn me to drink it! i'm glad to have come across someone that's as crazy as i am about tea! :)

    -Sarah Macfadyen

  4. Ha, ha. Should've expected that a Macfadyen would post as it was them that started my tea addiction! lol. No seriously it was. I never drank tea before I started hanging with Yvonne. Now I drink a lot and I actually like it just like you Melissa. Hot, not lukewarm (yuck). The kids always tease me because they always find my tea in the microwave because I'm warming it up and then I forget about it. By the way, why are you up at 5 am?

  5. Actually just noticed mine came up at 5:54 am, it's actually 9:54 am. Something's up with the clock.

  6. yeah You added the picture!!! I always loose my tea in the microwave or forget I made it!

  7. I LOVE tea! So much. Really only herbal tea though, but man oh man do I love tea.