Sunday, September 19, 2010


Beautiful Roses from BuzzBee <3

Just finished dinner. it wasn't chili. I decided to save that for tomorrow. I did however manage to organize and clean the huge task of our craft/office room. It took hours to do since everything was strewn about and in boxes from when we moved in. I am very happy I got it done today.
The desk and shelves are made from boxes and bins for the time being until we get some sort of craft table and computer desk. I also need some shelving for our books and all my craft supplies. My mom is bringing some more of my craft supplies this week probably.

Oh and here is a picture of my pizza I made a couple of nights ago. When my mom comes to visit she is going to teach me how to make German pizza crust. I bet BuzzBee will really like that one because its a really thin crust. BuzzBee likes to taste more pizza than crust.

I put the cheese on last for some reason. Next time I will put it on first.
BuzzBee loved it though :) He's the one who told me to put the cheese on last.
Then we realized its usually first. haha.

That's all for now.

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